Cannot get the Haiku and Of The Mind achievements [steam]


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So I have the full package for the game. I have all the achievements except 4 total. 1 is the new game + which I am doing currently, one is to disable a elite guard with moths, and the other two are in the title. I have every level beat in the normal game with all golden seals for everything. Now I don't know why, but it didn't award me with the two achievements that I said in the title after the last mission when I actually got them.

Are there any solutions except clearing the game data and attempting to do them all again?


PS- I don't care that they're just achievements. I feel they round up the game pretty nicely when you run through it, and then you get the chance to replay it and perform some more tricky tasks. I want to have the game at 100% achievements and all. So sorry if you think that me wanting to get them is stupid. (No offense but I read another post regarding something similar, not the same thing, where someone was being a jerk about the achievements and all)

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It seems others are having the same issue on Steam

Mine, specifically, is that I am "missing" two upgrade points, even though I have everything unlocked on every level. And of course, once it's "unlocked" you can't unlock it "again", so the achievements / points will never unlock, meaning I can never buy my last upgrade item (reinforced cloth), nor gain my 100% achievements status. (I can't anyway, as I don't have the DLC yet).


I have yet to unlock:


  • Haiku: Find all three scrolls in every level
  • Marked: Earn all the upgrades.
  • Of The Mind: Complete all of the challenge rooms.


even though I have definitely got every challenge room and scroll according to my Golden symbols next to every level.


Only option that I can see is to reset and play again, making sure all upgrades unlock at each stage of the game.


Are there a couple of extra points that are unlocked by doing something else, maybe? Like watching credits 100% through, or running through both endings, (I've done both of these things) or some other thing? I don't think that this is it, though. There is definitely 1 Challenge room that didn't give my upgrades, even though I have done them all.


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OK, so I found my problem.... Yours may possibly be the same.


There is another level, it's really difficult to see in the level selection screen. It's called "above a bottomless chasm", and is on the same page as the Hessian Tower select screen. It's the second level available on this screen, but it's semi-hidden behind the first.


Here's the thread on Steam




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