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  1. I'm not sure if you still have that BoI+DLC key (that post was in January, after all), but I can trade it for Avadon: The Black Fortress (worth 7 euros, corresponding to ~9 USD)

  2. Offtopic: Well it seems that Alpaca and Donstraver seem to be set on making this thread closed. Are you two guys so immature that you can't talk politely about something? And "NO UR GAY THIS IS MY OPINION AND F YOU" is not a nice and mature way to express yourself. Cuz' that's the feeling I'm getting from you two, Alpaca and Donstarver. I am wondering how the Mods put up with some of you here some times.:chargrined:Ontopic: How about nightmare fuel to be required for a revival , that would add some challenges.
  3. Offtopic:Okay okay okay people.Stop with the "OH MY GAWD I WOULD PAY FOR MULTI" replies. It was stated by the devs that such things are far from their plans. So let's not DERAIL this topic into another BAWW thread ok?Ontopic: Hmm but it would have to be way more difficult to re spawn in co-op than in single. You can't argue that you'd have an easier time with the whole game and such. I think to balance it out, there should be a way bigger penalty .I mean I know that without a meat effigy all players would die eventually and game over for good. But still just a few days is way too little punishment for how Don't Starve aims to be like. There could be a special kind of effigy that requires some materials, some sort of heirlooms from the other players. I'm thinking about Wilson's beard hair for example. Willow could drop a match, the blondie(I forgot ehr name) a flower, etc. And you'd need more rare mats to make that kind of effigy.
  4. Hehe well that's at least nice to know.Though it does sound pretty intricate to say the least. So we would be talking about figuring out a way to keep players' clients synced and then applying the same process to all of the game's assets. And we're talking about certain balancing issues too I figure. I think a mod like this would require some sort of enriched launcher, since I think that heavily modding the vanilla launcher would break the end user license agreement, even for the purpose of hosting one's own server. Anyway I'm just rambling, glad to hear it "might" be possible to achieve, even if we're talking about really tough work. I mean look at the multilayer mod for torchlight 1. They did have something playable at one point.
  5. True but time and time again I saw dedicated modders do incredible feats disregarding the fact that they embarked on a battle with the windmills sort of speak.
  6. How about the players themselves, I can't imagine that a multi player mod for don't starve would support more than just a handful of players ,heck even 2 players. So you wouldn't need a super computer to host a server for you and a friend. Off Topic: Why the bashing and the hate on the original poster? He was asking a polite question, not instigating a flame war or whining. He is just curious. I'm kind of disappointed to see most of you are just straight up "BAAW close this pointless thread". Why? If you don't like it no one's making you read what people are talking about in here. I thought this community could do better than that. Ontopic:I'm thinking that the devs would have to give permision for more than just a part of the code to mod. Meaning that the whole thing would have to be available in order to make such a mod possible. I'm not a hardcore modder or anything but I did try my hand at some things. Basically it depends on how much of the code is made available to modders. Though a mod for multi does sound like an interesting idea
  7. Also you will be dying a lot in the beginning and welcome :3
  8. Welp i have 1 hour and 40 minutes till the update :3 It's 7:15 PM here , can't wait to see whats gonna be added.