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Fling-o-matic range

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When you try to place an Ice Fling-o-matic it shows the area it will cover... is there anyway to show this information after you've placed it? 

  I have been either 1) Build a second fling-o-matic and 'place' it over the existing one, or 2) Build the fling so that some item/tree/structure is in the top right and as soon as I place it drop an Item/tree/structure in the bottom left. 


 How do you ensure your fling-o-matic covers the area you think it does?

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I think there was a mod that did something about showing the range on it or something more easily.


Other then that there really aren't any other ways to make sure aside from you've already mentioned.



My best recommendation is to build your base pretty spread out so that you can angle 1 or 2 Fling-o-matics in appropriate ranges for all your stuff but slightly out of range from your main campfire. 

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