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  1. Thinking about buying on PC

    sounds like a damn good remote.
  2. Thinking about buying on PC

    wired: wireless: You can thank me later
  3. Thinking about buying on PC

    I started off as a Playstation player, but switched to PC because I saw there is a significant delay for the PS versions to get updates. If there was no delay I would have just stayed on the PS4. I vastly prefer using a controller over the mouse and keyboard though, which is why I just use an 360 controller on my pc works perfectly and natively that way Probably the best part of PC though is access to mods. You can add a ton of stuff, and some borderline on necessary like the more map icons mod. Also depths worms are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to dangers in the cave/ruins.... >.>
  4. The Hardest Season: Winter or Summer?

    Was just goofing around yesterday in a new world and on Day 1 I opened the chest that begins the summer trap. I only lasted until day 3 before I gave up because being permanently tied to sitting under trees is no fun. The trees with an umbrella equipped (it was in the chest) were able to completely remove overheating, but the moment I walked away from said tree I started overheating again immediately. If Summer gets even hotter than that, then it would have been impossible to survive because I had no way of building up to the anti-heat stuff. Summer is impossible without preparation, whereas winter you can easily survive. edit: the trap was actually in a desert and I didn't think of trying to harvest cactus flowers because I was too busy running around looking for a tree to stand under. I wonder if making a floral shirt fast would have made it possible to survive. Hrm. editx2: nevermind. I just saw the items required to craft it. Getting reeds from a swamp to make paper and silk from spiders would have been next to impossible without overheating first.
  5. The Hardest Season: Winter or Summer?

    lol @ the guy earlier who was getting all angry and nasty just because people didn't agree with him, especially over a matter of subjective opinion. Despite preparation making both seasons much easier to survive, Summer is clearly harder than winter because the resources necessary to survive are harder to obtain (gears are a pain to find for iceboxes and fling-o-matics, endothormic pits are resource heavy and not the kind of thing you can make fresh from rezzing in a pinch). Not to mention two of the items you can try to use to keep cool (Melon Hat and Ice Block) will directly result in increased sanity loss once you reach a certain level of wetness. I saw a lot of people mentioning staying under a tree to cool off. I've never really seriously tried using trees to help out with rain or heat. Will they prevent you from overheating or will you still overheat anyways? What about wetness? Can you survive a storm without getting totally drenched by staying under a tree the whole time? O.o
  6. I dunno maybe it's just me but it sounds kind of rushed. Is it only going to be just multiplayer with no additional game stuff (like new mobs/modes/etcetc)? I mean it's fine if it's just that, but I was kinda hoping for some new goals or creatures/objects/modes for multiplayer people to play with. It's fine either way, just kinda surprised how fast you guys want to put this out.