A few questions.

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I just bought RoG and I have a few questions.


1. Can you play as Webber in a vanilla world?


2.Will there be RoG blind Boxes?


3.Can I "upgrade" my old Vanilla saves to RoG?


Thank You!


Thanks for picking up Reign of Giants @DarkVexon!


1. Webber and Wigfrid can only be played when you have Reign of Giants content enabled with your game. 


2. We don't have anything to announce just yet; but we're looking into options for additional merch options. New stuff takes a lot of time and resources to create; getting suggestions on what to create is helpful, so thanks! We'll keep everyone posted with new stuff; feel free to sign up for the Klei Store newsletter for info on upcoming merch.


3. Because the new stuff like creatures, biomes, giants, and items are created during world gen (basically when you start a new world), you'll have to start a new save to play Reign of Giants content. 


If you're pretty far into your current "vanilla" save, you can still of course continue to play it; the save just won't get the new content generated in it. I hope these have been helpful!

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Thanks! Also, I bought a Blind Box. I am in Illinois. How many days will it take for me to recieve it?


Typically all orders with confirmed payments will be in the post within 1-3 days of purchase (depending what day you placed the order). Order fulfillment happens Monday to Friday 9am - 5pm EST.


If you chose to have your order shipped by USPS priority mail, you should receive a tracking number through email. (You can use this tracking number on USPS' tracking tool). Depending on how long USPS has your package in their processing facility; it takes about a few days to a week domestically. 

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