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Wilton ideas

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i have a few ideas for wilton, what he can do i mean.
1. i was thinking on something like a tier for him just like wickerbottom but this one named bonecrafting or something like that most of the items from there will be crafted with bones of course.. items like tools, weapons, an armor maybe, traps, etc.
to balance this you can make them hit harder but with less durability or hit less but with more durability compared with the normal tools.
2. also i was thinking of a posible ability for him to have his own companion (a skeletal hound or something like that) something... dead...? just like him (that why i said "weapons and traps" as crafting items for him) he could have been hunter or just a guy who died along side with his pet.
the pet don't have to be to strong or hit harder it just have to help you and if got killed it should drop bones if you still think its too much maybe you can make a item to call him a... whistle maybe? with cooldown of course.
3. for another posible ability for him he should have chance of getting bones from enemys he kill.
smaler monster chance of droping 1, medium 2 and largers 3.


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What, no Wortox thread?



Okay, back to Wilton.

Now we have bone fragments, I think Wilton should have a special ability once he (?) obtains a hammer:

--Wilton can hammer himself and obtain 2 bone fragments, at the cost of 30 health. 


it's kind of like Maxwell sacrificing health to fragment himself, but Wilton is more literal about it. 


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i have a lot of ideas for the game, but i guess that characters are the most complicated i will post all of them later.

i think waverly its another good option, she could have potion and poison crafting. weird that none monster can poison you, i mean there is magic in the game.

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what if he can only eat meat or just bones from another animals so you have to hunt all the time, or maybe something else.

it's weird that one character can't starve... pretty much the game name xD

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