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  1. After leaving my house i got teleported to a completly diferent island, in a diferent town.
  2. guys, how do you claim the "mini monument" and the "pirate birdcage"? i had those DLC sience they came out, but i never recived those items in DS together
  3. when you create the room you shoulda get to chose if you want ppl to get custom characters or not, cause most of them are unbalaced or that its what i think. i dont know if this have been talked already.
  4. the increased difficulty can always be just a world customisation option and the players get to chose.
  5. I didn't read all of the post's here but... i think it would be easier if you just add a world customisation option to make enemy's harder to kill or make them deal more dmg to the player, the creator of the room should place this options and the ppl then decide if play that world or just try to find another one with less dificulty. when ure looking for a room to play, the game should show you the option's that the owner selected. It's gonna be for the best for veteran player or new player's. And for the friendly fire... you can make it only happen if the player have become really insane, in the game of course lol (?)