Allow for Wes to spawn on 'Two Worlds' in Adventure mode.

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I love this game, but trying to unlock Wes is very frustrating. I am continuously getting Two Worlds as the third world where Wes is supposed to always spawn. I know from reading all over the internet that many people have this happening to them. Either Two Worlds should not be an option for the third world or Wes should be spawnable in Two Worlds. Sorry if this topic has already been brought up.

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the present :

wes is supposed to spawn if the third world isn't two world but with the rog update, the third world became always two world


I haven't heard about this bug myself, thanks for the update!


OP, you can still play vanilla and work on unlocking him. I found Wes in a vanilla AM game post-RoG.






I watched slickblackjesus on twitch unlock Wes in RoG adventure mode just a few days ago.




thanks @Catweaselcrow for clearing this up!

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