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I'm not sure if it is a bug, or if it was meant to be in the game.

I've only been playing it for a few days now. I've set up traps in getting morsels from the local jackalopes. As i've been doing.

Now, It's the next day and I have my traps set. I've gone exploring, I come back to my pitfire, and the traps are moving. As i check the traps, instead of getting morsels. I just get a whole jackalope. I don't even know what to do with them, as I can't even cook them.

Can anyone elaborate on this?

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traps now capture animals live, possibly to better facilitate the hidden naughtiness gauge to determine if krampus will visit.

when you pick the rabbit up, just right click from your inventory and that will kill the rabbit.

Just... be careful when you do that, because krampus hates those who harm others without reason.

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cuz apparently, hunger is not a good reason to kill that small thing

it's more than easy enough to subsist on seed and berries until you can crock pot monster meat, I've gone weeks at a time with ONLY seeds as my food source, the game seems inclined to help you if you're reasonable enough with not buggering the ecosystem too much.

ALSO, gobblers are NOT protected by krampus, if you see one, kill it, and you'll have your meat. same thing with treeguards, takes a while, but if you can kill it, it usually drops a large meat like pigs.

as for pigs, over feed one with monster meat to turn it into a werepig, THEN kill it, otherwise you get 3-ish naughty points.

Personally, it seems that Krampus just uses any excuse he can come up with to steal your ****. He acts all high and mighty, judging you from afar, but he's just your average everyday thief.

Actually, i'm over 100 days, and I haven't seen a single krampus, he gets angry when you attack non hostile NPCs with lethal force. Once you've angered him enough, he doesn't appear to let it slide. Methinks he's got a LONG memory for grudges.


here's a link on the krampus and his summoning mechanic.

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Ah, I love you guys. So responsive. Thanks for the heads up then fellows. Yea, the pig turning into a werepig freaked me out. I honestly had no idea, when it ate too much monster meat it would do that. I thought it would only change during a full moon. I completely just died. Hahah.

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