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[Character mod] Whimsy, The Goth

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The Goth



Art by FemaleSpy

Code, art asset integration, and horrible pixel mangling by VoidPointer


Attached to this post is Whimsy. Whimsy plays very differently from any of the stock characters in Don't Starve. Many things which normal characters can cope with, such as being in direct sunlight or touching manure, will drain her sanity, and she will outright refuse to do some things unless she is starving, such as eat raw, stale, spoiled, or just plain nasty food or Murder innocent rabbits, and when she does do these things, they also take a harsh toll on her mind.


On the plus side, Whimsy reacts well to some things that normal characters find maddening, and she has some coping mechanisms. She comes with a specially-reinforced umbrella that lets her be in the sun and the rain without losing her mind. She regenerates sanity during the night and can see in the dark. This means, in effect, that Whimsy works best when she works at night, since she can't hold an axe during the day unless she wants to be insane by dusk. She also finds a few things soothing that make other characters crazy, most notably evil flowers, which she thinks are just as pretty as normal flowers, and the Dark Sword and Night Armor, which actually regenerate her sanity over time. And if you lose your umbrella, Whimsy has a special recipe to make a temporary (but less effective) one that requires fewer materials to craft.


At first, you may have a hard time keeping Whimsy alive, since both farming (which requires manure) and trapping (which requires either murder or a fast hand with the attack button) are more difficult for her, and most armor chafes her quite badly. You will also have an interesting time gathering resources, since the night is typically shorter than the day (and thus she has less time to use her tools), but she can operate to a limited degree around the clock, harvesting grass and twigs. Thanks to her ability to work around the clock, she is an excellent explorer, so long as she is well fed.


However, if you can survive long enough to get magical items, Whimsy comes into her true power. Whimsy loses much less sanity from using magic than other characters and, more importantly, her magical items regenerate durability over time. The usefulness of this cannot be overstated. Whimsy need never replace her magical items once they are built, so long as she uses them judiciously. Careful use of a panflute can almost completely replace traps, and an ice staff is invaluable in crowd control, which you will need to cope with Whimsy's lackluster combat prowess.


In short, Whimsy is intended as a character who is initially difficult but rewards success. While many characters' powers begin to lose some degree of relevance in the endgame as the character acquires high-end items, Whimsy is designed so that her unique advantages and disadvantages will have a strong and lasting effect on gameplay, no matter how many resources the player has at their disposal.


Configuration options

There are numerous configuration options for Whimsy which are included so that players may customize their experience with her, making it easier or harder. The default options are chosen to provide a difficult but rewarding experience. Whimsy has not been extensively playtested using many different combinations of options, and these may significantly alter her balance. Please consider carefully what the best options are for you.

Magic/Ancient Affinity: By default, Whimsy cannot build any magical items without the normal facilities necessary for their construction. However, players who wish to make their game easier or faster may give her the ability to reduce the research requirements for these items a la Wickerbottom.

Starter Umbrella: By default, Whimsy starts with the Lace Umbrella, an umbrella with slightly higher than normal damage which does not lose durability. However, she can be set to start with the Night Umbrella, a normal umbrella, or no umbrella. It is not recommended to start with less than the Lace Umbrella, since Whimsy is quite likely to go totally mad without an umbrella, and the normal umbrella has durability.

Magic Regeneration Time: By default, Whimsy's magical items regenerate their durability in 10 seconds. You can adjust this to happen instantly, over 30 seconds, over 60 seconds, or not to happen at all.

Magic Sanity Costs: By default, Whimsy expends 1/4 the normal sanity when using magical items. This can be adjusted such that she expends no sanity, 1/8 normal, 1/2 normal, or the normal cost.

Easier Resurrection: As we uncovered in playtesting, Whimsy will go mad very quickly if she resurrects and cannot access an umbrella, which can be a problem if the player has not had time to build auxiliary bases near their touchstones. Turning on Easier Resurrection brings her back with full health and temperature, and does so at dusk rather than dawn, which gives her a fighting chance to recover her items.

Grossness Complaints: Whimsy hates picking up gross things. She is inclined to complain when she is made to do so. By default, she will complain 10% of the time. You can adjust her to never complain, always complain, or complain 5%, 25%, or 50% of the time.


Below is a complete list of Whimsy's advantages and disadvantages. WARNING: Spoilers below in the form of item names.



-Can see in the dark, is immune to night monster attacks

-Begins with a unique umbrella, the Lace Umbrella

-May charge up her unique umbrella (using Nightmare Fuel and Charcoal) temporarily to make it stronger (reverts to Lace Umbrella when the durability runs out)

-Reduced sanity cost for magical items

-Responds differently to some sanity-based stimuli:

No sanity loss: Standing near evil flowers, getting hit in Night Armor

Inverse of normal: Dark Sword, Nightmare Light, picking evil flowers, Night Armor, Night Light, Nightmare Light

By one point: Wormholes

Restores sanity: Being in the dark, being in the rain with an umbrella



-Walks slower than normal (0.9)

-Does less damage than normal (0.75)

-Cannot Murder unless she is starving, doing so drains sanity

-Picky eater, gaining less nourishment and health from spoiled or stale food

-Refuses to eat raw, monstrous, spoiled, or stale foods unless she is starving, and doing so drains extra sanity depending on the food

-The following things drain sanity to varying degrees:

-Being in direct sunlight without an umbrella equipped (can be mitigated by dark armor / sword)

-Being in the rain without an umbrella equipped

-Standing very close to a pigman


-Monkey barrels

-Standing very close to a bunnyman

-Touching manure, guano, or rot

-Harvesting honey from a bee box

-Wearing a straw hat (itchy), wood armor (chafes), grass armor (very itchy), Thulecite armor (unfashionable), Thulecite crown, or Thulecite club


RoG Compatibility: Efforts have been made to make Whimsy RoG compatible, but her developer does not own RoG and thus cannot test her in RoG or consult the RoG API. This may change in the future, but in the meantime, playtesters with RoG are encouraged to report any issues they experience.


Mod compatibility: Whimsy's source code uses closures to alter existing code whenever possible, calling the original function for characters other than herself, which means that she should be compatible with most mods, provided that either that mod uses closures in the same way or that Whimsy's mod is executed after the mod in question. However, she is not guaranteed to use functionality from other mods, as some functions had to be written such that they do not call the original code. Wormholes and certain aura and dapperness functions are the most notable examples of this. If you have any mods you would like Whimsy to be more compatible with, feel free to post a request.


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The idea is so cool man, really. But, there's only a little problem, no pics. Really, some pics would be good

Aw, crud. I knew I forgot something. I'll put some pictures in. The problem with having your code monkey post the advertisement is that he only bothers to advertise the code! :-)


That sort of killed it for me.  Night vision is just way too OP.



Agreed. Night vision is a big no-no, as it takes so much out of the game.


I did think carefully before adding in the night vision, but it's actually pretty much the core concept of the character. She is, by design, radically different from any of the stock characters. This comes out more easily in play than on paper; yes, she has the ability to operate at night, but she has only a very minimal ability to operate during the day. She has to carry her umbrella constantly if you don't want her taking a massive sanity hit. If you take her umbrella off, chop down a tree, and immediately put it back up, that's still a significant loss. It's a loss that may need some tuning, but doing anything involving a tool during the day is, by design, a calculated risk that puts you in serious danger if anything else goes wrong. If you don't protect her from the sun, you'll have night monsters on your hands by dusk, not to mention the numerous *other* things that wreck her sanity economy.


There's also the issue that she's quite hard to keep from starving, but that's another matter.

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Here are the pictures!  VoidPointer wasn't able to edit his original post to include the pictures, so I jumped in.  Thanks again to Pololokka for catching the mistake.


Here's her portrait shot:




Her night vision:




Her after a day without using her umbrella:




And some general fun in the swampy sun:


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Okay, for some reason, the pictures I sent are not showing; in case you could not tell already, I am new to the forum.  ^^;


I will send the pictures to VoidPointer, because he is a bit more of a computer person than I am, and he will get them up as soon as possible.

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I felt badly about messing up in posting the pictures the first time, so I decided to try it one more time.  If it doesn't work this time, however, then I'll leave it to VoidPointer.


Here's her portrait shot:





Her night vision:





Her after a day without using her umbrella:





And some general fun in the swampy sun:



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That sort of killed it for me.  Night vision is just way too OP.



Yeah, the Night vision kind of makes it basically have no night time, and alternative and similar idea that would be a lot better would be if the character just created a circle of light around them as if like a portable campfire :)

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Very nice work.  She definitely requires a rather different play style to be effective - and that goes double in RoG!  Still maintaining this?


Sorry @Lort_Battal, I disagree about the night vision being OP.  It's a nice perk, but it's only a power boost in two contexts - early-game exploration before a base is established, and freeing up a slot during incidental battles in the dark.  On the other hand, it's monochromatic red, so she's effectively colorblind when relying on it.. and with the way peak nightmare flux tweaks the color cube, it gives her an an impressively surreal view of the ruins, with light flowers creating tiny islands of normalcy amid a sea of fluorescence.


Positive dapperness from the Dark Sword and Night Armour is also a nice perk, again cutting back on the amount of gear swapping required, but almost needed to offset a 120 sanity cap.


However, her real core mechanic - the one that really changes her play style - is staff and amulet recharge. This has several implications:

  • She really needs to beeline for end-game tech, before her movement and attack penalties catch up with her.
  • With so many situational magical gadgets, she winds up constantly juggling them, in addition to battle gear, provisions and whatever materials she's collecting.  If anything, the resulting inventory mess is what justifies night vision.
  • Used in tandem, the Construction Amulet and Deconstruction Staff make a number of other materials (notably thulecite) easily renewable... too bad thulecite is so orange ;)

RoG integration looks like it definitely needs some help.

  • Her dapperness modification doesn't seem to work for me in RoG.  Nightmare gear drains her sanity fast, while she recovers sanity from thulecite gear.  I
  • Rain-related sanity adjustment in general probably needs to work differently in RoG due to the Wetness mechanic; it certainly changes things for WX-78's health damage in the rain.
  • The Lace Umbrella provides zero resistance to wetness or overheating, making it useful only as a light-duty parasol; it can also become slippery, draining sanity for holding it.  A proper umbrella is needed to cope with extended downpour.
  • Her recharge ability probably needs to be extended to a few more RoG items.  Weather Pain is a staff, so it's already covered, but perhaps Hibearnation Vest for symmetry with Belt of Hunger?
  • Being hit by lightning puts out her light aura - had that happen once in the ruins when a rook plowed through some chess junk and spawned a bishop, and another time trying to deal with a brood of cranky moslings at night.  (Magiluminescence for the win.)

Do you have the code uploaded to bitbucket or some such collaboration site?  I may be able to contribute some fixes if I can figure any of these issues out.

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Do you have the code uploaded to bitbucket or some such collaboration site?  I may be able to contribute some fixes if I can figure any of these issues out.

Mods for DS arent compiled in their distributed form. So the code _IS_ just the mod. Download it and its all there if you want to fix things.
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Mods for DS arent compiled in their distributed form. So the code _IS_ just the mod. Download it and its all there if you want to fix things.


I'm aware of that, but just trying to be courteous - I get the impression that publishing an edited version of a mod without its creators' blessing is considered rude and disrespectful, and I normally reserve that level of disrespect for the developers of casual server-based microtransaction milking free-to-play games ;)

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