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  1. It remembers me the game: Brutal Legend, only thing missing is the axe and the car
  2. DUDE! I looks so AWESOME! please, continue this, please, please, please!
  3. well, my musha don't change, neither yamche, and, just one more thing, someone should make a full RPG mod out of this mod, it would be so good
  4. Hey dude, try Vivalavie( I think it's right), it's an artist for the Hero in the Dark, and a very nice person
  5. well, I dunno, but I think that only the dark night and the wizard are good looking, the others are just cool to play( good but this is the important part, aren't it?)
  6. well, all the char are pretty good, but only the dark knight and the wizard look good, I mean, the cleric scares me a bit
  7. you guys gonna make all skins look like the ones from the original don't starve characters?
  8. the wizard motto should be: a wizard is never late, nor is he early, he arrives precisely when he means to
  9. one more thing, is Birdy alive? If yes, my Birdy don't move, and if not, why not? it would be cool if she help on fighting, bring itens and such.
  10. He could have a high unarmed damage and cannot use tools, so we have to make tools specially for him, and he would not use weapons( I'm saying this because he has no hands, so...) I think it would be cool, and maybe, he could plant himself, it would work like the bush hat
  11. He should be strong, but, with just some weapons like, daggers or throwing knives, this would make him a little better, but just with these weapons, but there should be "tiers" of those weapons(like the tools, but maybe with more tiers), and tjose weapons should atack faster( sorry for my bad english)
  12. Sorry, my spanish is bad. But I think it's something in your computer, really.