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Dedicated servers and why they won't happen :(

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It is kind of sad that the mechanics of Don't Starve do not allow the possibility of dedicated, persistent servers that would surely rival those of Minecraft in both the variety of conent and modability.


For one, time flow causes everything in the world to change - no chunk is frozen in time, food keeps decaying and fires burn out. Traps get eventually sprung, and a person who left for even a few hours may find his base in a worse state.


The other issue is that there is only so much living space in Don't Starve - a fresh player can only go so far, and I wouldn't count on server admins or players to be generous enough to create boot camps for new players that could stock up on items to move further away.


It will be a great game to play with friends, I'm sure, but public dedicated servers are just unfeasable.



Oh how wrong this person was.. And many, many other speculations that were TOTALLY inaccurate..  To see what it is now, makes you wonder what these people were smokin only 5 months ago.

I'm glad Klei proved you all wrong.

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That has nothing to do with dedicated servers though - you can achieve this effect with mods even today. And it was already confirmed that DST will support mods :razz:


I gave this matter some more thoughts, now that the dedicated servers are going to be a thing, and I hope that it will work something like a lobby system - the game will be in a suspended, unstarted state untill enough people join and start the game. When they are done (tired, sleepy, want a break) and they quit, the server would then save the game, put it aside and wait for a new connection. It could then either resume the previously saved game (given the same bunch of players join) or start a new game world for a new group of players.


In the above context dedicated servers would work like L4D servers do now - just serve the game world for the purpose of a concrete match instead of being a persistent world in which time flows indeffinetly, potentially causing a lot of fuss over time flow.


P.S. Please stop derailing the thread with MC/DST comparisons :razz: You can start a new thread about it elsewhere.


You should REALLY go find a way to play Don't Starve Together to see just how wildly inaccurate ALL of your speculations are.

It's crazy, it's like you're not even paying attention to what's going on, yet feel the need to post your overwhelmingly WRONG speculations.

Go read up=


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