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  1. I've noticed a similar thing, but it's not a bug. If you link together two outlets, and the waste from one passes through the other, it can register as being currently full in the other one. Happened with me and linking a shower with a toilet - the moment the dirty water passed the toilet, any dupe using it would get ejected and the flush animation would play, until the water passed.
  2. Thanks for all your hard work! <3
  3. Hello, I noticed my duplicates do the most weird-ass pathing calculation I've seen in my entire life. They always, without fail, stop near the airlock I built next to a ladder just to hop on and off it. Because of this, it takes them forever to get anywhere while the airlock cycles back and forth, letting out gasses as a side-effect. Example of what I mean in the attached video ONI_pathing.mp4
  4. When cancelling the "Move To" command on a duplicate, the icon persists and cannot be removed unless a command is actually issued.
  5. That has nothing to do with dedicated servers though - you can achieve this effect with mods even today. And it was already confirmed that DST will support mods I gave this matter some more thoughts, now that the dedicated servers are going to be a thing, and I hope that it will work something like a lobby system - the game will be in a suspended, unstarted state untill enough people join and start the game. When they are done (tired, sleepy, want a break) and they quit, the server would then save the game, put it aside and wait for a new connection. It could then either resume the previously saved game (given the same bunch of players join) or start a new game world for a new group of players. In the above context dedicated servers would work like L4D servers do now - just serve the game world for the purpose of a concrete match instead of being a persistent world in which time flows indeffinetly, potentially causing a lot of fuss over time flow. P.S. Please stop derailing the thread with MC/DST comparisons You can start a new thread about it elsewhere.
  6. I meant how the game works - how it handles the passage of time, generating terrain, monsters and resources. You may be right, I am talking in theoretical capacity for content - for Minecraft the art style and geometry is simpler, hence we see mods that incorporate new entity types more often. Don't Starve requires more effort put into even items, hence the amount of content (despite the potential) is low. So all in all, I concede - Don't Starve might have potential, but Minecraft has the content
  7. Hola, you are now comparing gameplay. Minecraft and DS are totally different in that regard. Minecraft focuses on free-frolicking and building. Don't Starve is about survival and discovery. This game has items and crafts that serve purpose and are usefull in the context of the world - MC prefers to have a variety of multi-purpose and aesthetical props.
  8. Maybe you wouldn't Fortunately, the community does not end on your needs and wants.
  9. Maybe a more concrete example will put my point across: Minecraft: Adding a new item: - Write a server side plugin (through using Java Reflexion and decompiling the source of the server) - Write a client side plugin (through using Java Reflexion and decompiling the source of the client) - Post your client side plugin somewhere - Host the server and hope players get the plugin, since they won't be able to correctly play on your server otherwise Don't Starve: Adding a new item: - Write a Lua script that handles your item - Wrap it in a mod template from one of the numerous tutorials. - Place it in the Steam Workshop - Host your server. I reckon that Klei will force the client and server to have the same mod packs enabled, in which case the user will receive a polite message to update their game with mod X.
  10. That is the minimum maximum amount. With modding, you can achieve anything - the real limit can be rewritten to be much, much more - once multiplayer is actually implemented, you can re-code it into how many you want.
  11. I did modding for both. Don't starve is way easier because everything is exposed and written as Lua scripts, so if you're persistent enough, you can rewrite it into a totally different game altogether (like the Screecher mod did) Minecraft is limited by being REALLY poorly optimized and trying to rewrite base functions requires advanced Java knowledge (and decoding what random named variables mean)
  12. It is kind of sad that the mechanics of Don't Starve do not allow the possibility of dedicated, persistent servers that would surely rival those of Minecraft in both the variety of conent and modability. For one, time flow causes everything in the world to change - no chunk is frozen in time, food keeps decaying and fires burn out. Traps get eventually sprung, and a person who left for even a few hours may find his base in a worse state. The other issue is that there is only so much living space in Don't Starve - a fresh player can only go so far, and I wouldn't count on server admins or players to be generous enough to create boot camps for new players that could stock up on items to move further away. It will be a great game to play with friends, I'm sure, but public dedicated servers are just unfeasable.
  13. This is truly amazing and very welcome news! Don't Starve was a good single player game, but it suffers the same drawbacks as any open-world game does - lack of objectives and, after a certain point, a routine that a player falls into and has no way of breaking out of. With multiplayer, a lot of new paths open up - the game will obviously have to become harder, being even more unforgiving to players who have no idea what they are doing, posing a new challenge to survive. You will need more food, wood, resources to keep going. You will either have to cooperate really well or double down to support you and your friends. It would be amazing if sleeping would actually finally start being a liability. No time skipping = you have to keep the fire going, protect your knocked out buddy, keep him warm/cool! And if they added more frequent/agressive monsters to that... Really can't wait for the early access! Hopefully by "Summer" they mean "soon"