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Mod crash (Unsolved for 15 days)

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The crash report is below. I have the following mods installed from the steam workshop and every single mod is in use:

Memory Spike Fix [RoG compatible]

Spider Cage

Craftable Mandrake

Craftable Marble

Rabbit Holes

Lighter Logs

Tiki Torch

Diggy Diggy Hole! (v2)

RPG HUD - Neat 45


Madman's Fighting Pack


Weston the Wandering Cactus

The Heavy

Link, The Hero

Tools Durability [Low]


Hat, Armor, Amulet Durability

Bigger Stacks 90Max

Faster Followers

Rare Mob Drops 2.7

CJBMods Cheats

Wall Gates

Pickle It

Storm Cellar

Pocket Watch

Better Console

Survival Gear

More Fuel

Endothermic Torch


Ash Fertilizer

Auto Catch

emeralds 1.2


Minimap HUD

Smarter Crock Pot

Beefalo Milk and Cheese

Expensive Ornate Chest

Fish Farm DLC

T.A.P for RoG and RPG HUD

Craftable Skull Chest

Helpful Spiders


Mushroom and reed spawners


More Map Icons

Craftable CatCoon House

Morgue Compatible! (IT'S A PATCH NOW :3)

More Realistic Honey

WX 78 Upgrade Cap Removal

Back to the surface


Don't starve, little guys!

Too Many Items

The crash happened when i started a game with RoG and The Heavy Character. If anyone could help me solve this i would appreciate it very much.


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Too many mods - one of your mods is causing a crash with RPG HUD mod... Try finding that mod, by disabling some and trying again, if it crash, then try another ones... You will eventually find that mod, and then disable it/uninstall/report a bug to it's maker and problem solved...

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