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Character problem - Not showing up


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I made a character named Walt, I followed instructions, and I used Wendy as a base. At first I tried, it didn't work, and my computer crashed when I picked Wendy. I later found the problem and fixed it, and she worked. But my character, Walt, didn't show up. No crashes or anything. Do I have to make him a mod? If anyone needs screenshots or links I will give them, but for now I don't know what to show.



MAJOR ISSUE EDIT: I have now noticed that the game thinks Wendy is Walt, according to this crash, it thinks they are the same. jjb6lu.jpg


It says that Walt's bigportrait was missing, which I was planning to fix after I made sure Wendy was fine, which she wasn't. I'm going to make sure he is not missing in any prefabs or scripts.


EDIT: After fiddling some more I found out I didn't make a main file for Walt (lol) but after I did that it STILL wouldn't work. I don't know what it means by its missing the xml file for Walt after I run Wendy, but I know I hav one in the bigportraits and anoter in the DLC0001 bigportraits. 

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Unless you want to override wendy, it's smarter to make a mod for custom characters.

There is a list of tutorials for mods pinned at the top of the mods forum.

EDIT: I think modified game files get deleted after an update, mods don't. keep that in mind

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maybe the problem is within your xml file.

can you paste it?

After messing around my game won't even open, I made a mod folder that wasn't finished and put it in and took it out, hasn't worked since. 


I'm not permitted to upload that kind of file, I can give a screenshot though.




Thats the xml in the bigportraits.

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