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  1. Have you tried doing it in another browser? Also it wouldn't hurt to try to un-link twitter, it might be a bug!
  2. I managed to fix my issue by un-linking and then re-linking my twitch account on the account panel. If you're having issues maybe try this.
  3. I also have the same Issue where drops aren't happening, I've watched for more than 4 hours and still nothing:(
  4. Kasey - The Sewist

    I'm glad Clementine worked out as a guide for you Good work on the mod!
  5. Doing another character for DS, you can expect to see a great duo in DS:T soon ;)

  6. they are new to the forums, give them a break, instead you could just link the person into a section where they could post it. regardless. Any news? dates? So far we only know it's gonna be out for late summer
  7. Clementine [The Walking Dead]

    After attempting to update it a few hours ago it deleted my post, now it won't let me update the description and add pictures. Please, go to the workshop to see the screenshots and proper description.
  8. Version 1.2


    Clementine from Telltale's The Walking Dead Game arrives to the Don't Starve universe! If you like our mod please rate it! This mod is also not complete yet! Why? More episodes of The Walking Dead Game are coming and more quotes and maybe a new weapon will be added to her. Nothing is assured. ------------------------------------------------------------------------- -----STATS: Health: 115 Sanity: 200 Hunger: 150 -----PROS: *Clementine starts with three items: ·Her Hat: it's very useful, restores some sanity and also keeps you a tiny little bit warm and dry ·Lantern: so she can travel at night or pick up resources. ·Backpack: gives a quick start with Bigger inventory *She tolerates stale food Living in the Walker apocalypse makes you less picky with food . *Not afraid of monsters Her sanity won't be as damaged when facing monsters. -----CONS *Does not hits very hard She's brave, smart and maybe even sassy, but even Clem has her flaws. *Less Health You start with 115 health, less than the average, you can only survive 2 hits from a boss, tread carefully. ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Please enjoy and Have fun! We worked really hard on this so please, leave a comment and a like! Art by Nicolascagesempai Coding by Grifuz (me)
  9. Have they fixed spiders attacking chester as Webber?