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[HELP] Some issues when creating my first character

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Hi! So I decided today that I wanted to surprise my SO with a custom model of them as a character seeing that they recently got really into this game, but I happened to stumble upon some issues.


First off the images on the character select screen is all funky:



  • The bigimage is out of scale, even tho I resized it back to what I downloaded the template to be?
  • Some wierd things going on around the placeholder questionmark, even tho I saved it as a transparent PNG it appears as white for everything but the questionmark and the area around it




Ingame my character is also haunted by these half-transparent bits and pieces of flying white boxes around the different limbs. I am very certain that the PNG file has no white squares such as these and is 100% transparent for everything but the actual body pieces.


Could this be an issue when transfering it to a .tex file? do I convert it wrong? The settings in the converter tells me close to nothing seeing I'm much rather an artist than a programmer.


Any help to fix this is appreciated! :)

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Alright! I'm sorry for the triplepost but I got everything working properly, now I just need to adjust and fix some images.


One more thing though.


Could anyone maybe tell me how to choose what items the character should start with? She's not going to have any unique items, just start with the lighter and a backpack? I tried to code it but I suppose I did it wrong

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