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To craft use Alchemy Engine

Found in Weapon Tab

PineShot requires:

2 × Twigs

3 × Silk

2 × String

Does not stack

DebugSpawn "PineShot"

Durability: 10 uses, does not break (must repair with 2 × Silk)

Can only be used in conjunction with the correct type of ammunition in either inventory or backpack.

PineShot ammunition required:

Pine cones (as many as you are carrying)

Damage: 25

Character Quotes:

Wilson: "Looks symmetrical!"

Willow: "Looks weird, does it burn?"

Wendy: "What a waste"

Wolfgang: "Where is the handle?"


Wickerbottom: "It's a letter Y"

Wes: N/A

Woodie: "That looks handy"

Maxwell: "I hate trees anyway"

Webber: "My favourite toy"

Wigfrid: "Perfect for target practice"

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It would be somewhat ironic if you used the catcoon tail as the string that shoots. CAT-a-pult.

Awesome idea.

I edited the name from Pine'A'Pult to PineShot.

A catapult is a ballistic device which is used to launch a projectile at a great distance. Your idea would be great for that purpose. Construct a large contraption that fires larger projectiles dealing damage over a wide area.

It is more appropriate to change the name to that of similar size and proportions resembling a smaller handheld contraption known as the Slingshot.

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Hahaha! Never thought of that one. Maybe 3 hits and they are passive?

It should definitely affect them different then any other monster. Maybe you have a % chance make him go back in the ground for a longer period of time then usual?

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I'm pretty sure they haven't weaponized fetuses yet.

Fetus—the young of an animal in the womb or egg, especially in the later stages of development when the body structures are in the recognizable form of its kind. Pinecones have no resemblance to a Tree Guard and also planting one does not guarantee a Tree Guard so technically pinecones are not baby Tree Guards.  :joyous:   I say...therefore your use of the word in this topic, "fetus" does not apply. 

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