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  1. New Pictures In The Game Files

    I honestly though it would look much cooled than that. xD EDIT: Also, of all the possible, bad*ss pyro pics, you choose this one.
  2. New Pictures In The Game Files

    This thread is missing the poorly photoshoped image of Willow's head on Pyro's body. 3/10 Would not read again.
  3. Blame the players, man, not the game. For my side, I'm going to spend hundreds of hours having fun, surviving and (mostly) laughing with my friends.
  4. Mysterious notes?

    In the game files there are (or used to, idk) unused sprites for what seemed to be a post apocalyptic city, filled with lots of mechanical stuff. If I remember correctly, there were robot arms coming out from the ground, a mechanical skull, giant broken clocks, pillars, and some other city-y stuff. The moment I saw the door those immediately came to my mind, it has an urban feel all over it.
  5. Mysterious notes?

    Oh god... looks like the unused ruined city props are going to get an use
  6. Mysterious notes?

    * Plays Hoedown in the backgroud * * Dies * (Woodie's were-song)
  7. HOLY MOTHER OF ALL TRAILERS!!! Does anybody else felt chills pretty much through the whole thing? By the way, since everyone else is all like "OMG! OMG! THEY ADDED MY IDEA! GUUUHHH!!!, they added my suggestion on tree shade preventing overheating