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We need more seasonal creatures.

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I would more than anything like to see a summer equivalent of the walrus hunting party. Something savanna-based perhaps? Like a mother lion teaching her cubs how to hunt rabbits or something :-)


Maybe even something that eats spider silk and healing glands laying around...

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Because it's a survival game !Don't kill poor creatures like unicorns ! They are so beautiful ! That make no sense if I see an unicorn on the game I'll die XD ! What do you want to do with an unicorn? A magical flute with the horn? XD

Come on gloomer is such cute creature and yet you need to kill him for the bell right? But I think if unicorn are there it is likely to be easy because you can ride a horse. This is a survival game , why did you expect it to be easy?

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Animals you would find in real life are not Don't Starve's style. pretty much every animal is either a combination of two animals to make a pun, a myth or something completely made up.


Any animal that has an interesting pun tied to it is cool. Like say a Dandelion or Snaligator.

Chamelion !

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   How about...Snalphins! (Head of a dolphin with a sort of eel/seasnake body). These warmth-loving

sea creatures leap out of the water to ambush players during summer. Killing them gives you Snalphin

Scales, which can be used for to craft an armor set which keeps you cool during summer but also

increases your wetness while worn.

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