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Hey guys  :wilson_dorky:


I think the general idea of a Multiplayer is very good.


Minecraft has a very god multyplayer also with the important plugins, but i dont want to hang over hours and hours in the files to manage and build up a functional server. The Modsystem in Dont Starve is great, Download, and activate. Thats realy great.


A button in the Homemenu is one of the best options, where you can start the server,configurate the Map set playerlimit, privat or lan usw usw. Another idea is to implemets the server into the Singleplayer/craft a portal or somthing like this. This idea is usefull if i started a singleplayerworld and just want to share it to other players or i started the my faforit world in a older version.


Multiplayer needs a chat. eventulay thers a item who ned to be craftet to chat but more inportant for me is a voicechat. if i stand near a player i want to be able to talke to him, particularly it`s a stranger.


Interresting are the mechanics in the Multiplayer. for example, if my sanity is low the player attacks me although the gamer behind the playercharakter dont attack or amulets who melt the players together.

eventualy a funny thing: became a npc baby like the talbird :D


I personaly think pvp in multiplayer is a bad idea because it a survival ROUGLIKE game that means one battle and its over forever.


I love the idea in all aspects so do your thing Klei :)


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Your first ideas seem to have been adressed by others before. Ways to set up a server, or craft the Door in a SP world for others to join.


I disagree on voicechat, if you really want to use voicechat there's Steam and Skype etc. Personally would like very simple chat system where you can type text above your head.


Sanity effects could be implemented, dunno if they would become a real hindrance or a fun mechanic.


PvP should be in the game and fits, it's in the prototype of DST so far aswell.

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