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  1. Hey guys, it's OP. I won't be developing this mod due to the lack of interest, plus Dark Souls 2 is more important obviously. HOWEVER, I will allow one lucky person to take over, with me overseeing its production.
  2. Permadeath would be a nightmare if all you could do after you get killed by a tentacle is watch your friends play. That's ridiculous. What if I wanted to enjoy a long session with one of my friends? I don't want to restart the server every time I got killed by one of those damned tentacled creatures that pop out of swamps, just so me and my friend can play together.
  3. I'm against permadeath in Don't Starve Together. But all of your items, chests, walls, whatever, should be gone. So you can't just come back and pluck everything back up where you died.
  4. Mod incompatibility, Or the Reign of Giants DLC. Either way, anything that adds additional dialogue might not like my shitty mod.
  5. I'm quite literally tearing my hair out with the art. Nobody wants to help, even if I say they'd get a gift from me on Steam in return. =_=
  6. I emphasized that the mod is buggy since it's my first one and I have no idea what the hell I am doing. Did you not read the content?
  7. (Edit: Fifth post! NOW I can edit. Which is weird.) Since I lack permissions to edit and such, because I am new... For SOME reason. I'll add to this topic below. Here are reference pictures of the character in question.
  8. Yo! So, if you use the forums a lot, you'll know that there's a new character mod I made. "Mandy". I'm at the end of my wit, here. It seems no matter what I do, the art always turns up badly. So... I'm asking for a bit of help. Anyone that does this will get repaid. Eventually. I'll get them something on Steam if I have the extra cash. I just need the ingame character model drawn out, but if you can do the icons and portrait, I'll totally try and see if I can get you something on Steam in return. ♥
  9. I'd love to see how Mandrakes and Tents/sleeping bags work with other players around. -_-
  10. The show is called The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy. And she wears pink because it throws off other people, believing her to be harmless, which in turn, will be her foes' downfall. Plus the designers gave it to her because why the hell not.
  11. Well that's really stupid... I feel naked without a custom profile! Naked, I say!
  12. As I said, better art will come in time. I'm tryin' to get the hang of this. I also plan on adding and changing some more lines.
  13. Note: I originally uploaded this today as another user but I had signed up using my steam account, and I want to use my email for this site, so I registered another account under that email. Let me know what you all think! Anything I should add? What should I change?