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I know this is probably the wrong place to put this and it's also probably not for the forums to see, but I couldn't find a technical difficulties subforum and I tried emailing my problem to the support email but have got no reply yet.


I read the page on the chrome version being retired which I used to play. Wanting to play don't starve again I now can't unless I use the standalone version. Actually I would like to use the steam integrated version instead but out of the 4 keys I got from the humble bundle widget, I gave away both my steam keys and played on the chrome version instead.


I still have one unredeemed code for chrome and obviously my key that's used for chrome already. Surely with either of these I can get transferred to the steam version?


I won't give the keys out in this topic just hoping to speak to admin or something or get my email noticed.



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No you don't understand. It says on the chrome retired page that you can transfer the chrome version over to steam. Also that I have an unused code that was part of my bundle of 4, not given to me and that surely counts for a free game, but I can't use it cause it's a chrome code.. Come on, don't be a troll, next time read a post more carefully.

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Be civil, please.


@Neat I called for a mod to help, they should be here soon. I don't remember which support email you can email them details at (derp, I missed reading that), but I'm sure you can change that key for a steam one. Let's just wait. :-)

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Thanks for that JoeW!


I got the same details I sent in an email and put them in a ticket at kleisupport.desk.com. Those are my 2 chrome keys and the email humble bundle sent to me confirming my purchase. 


Really nice when people are helpful like that, I appreciate it :)

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