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Death is a Fun Topic, but a Creature Might be Needed.

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My idea for dying in MP is split into 2 parts.


1. You can make a portal in a single player world, which teles that character into a MP game. You can't keep items or learnings, just like adventure mode. Dying in MP kicks you back into your single player word, which you must then reconstruct the portal with cheap resources.


2. If you want to jump right into MP, then on death you character will drop a skull and be locked in your menu. You must then choose a new character to spawn from the MP server door as. Once the skull is buried, that old character is re-unlocked.


The sandbox teleportato will allow you to change a character while in MP, but needs some kind of minor penalty. Character items break until the owner returns into the world. 



Now, in order to keep people from forcing deaths to replay as their old character, we need a threat. I recommend The Mortician!


This spooky monster is inspired by Screecher and the Halloween Trickster. ( Which are inspired from No-Face and Slenderman). This would be the creature that creates the graveyards, and slows the attempt at trying to rapidly recover characters. He will also give players more reason to not die. Here how he works:


*Bam* You died. Good one. Its been lots of days since the world was started, at least enough for fire hounds to appear. You spawn as Willow to go bury the skull of Wilson, and you see the Mortician appear from a portal like the NPC Maxwell! He is inspecting the corpse, and is about ready to bury the skeleton. He isn't very careful, so the skull never ends up being buried in the grave. He is a TALL shadowy figure with long limbs, sporting a top hat and a vest similar to Wilson. His eyes are watchful like the screecher, even mimicking their glow. 


Leaving this guy alone looks like a good idea, however he starts build the grave. Fixated on the grave, he starts using his powers to tear down buildings and trees. Using alot of the maybe precious items, he makes the grave and leaves after dropping in a random grave item in place of a rose.


However, trying to stop him will enrage him. Turning his attention to whoever angered him, he will use his powers to throw items at players. Logs, rocks, pine cones, and flint could all be potential weapons for him. After running out of items to hurl, he berserks.


Now he crawls and attacks like the screecher. His fingers become claws and he becomes much more monster like. He moves faster and will switch aggro on different players by teleporting like the hallucinations. High damage, high speed, good range, and tricky. Beating him up too much will force him to leave, dropping a few grave items. However, the quick retreat caused his power to go a bit off. Where he once stood, a skeleton arm raises from the ground before hanging limp. Wilton can now be unlocked.


Benefits the Mortician would have on the game:


1. Dying just to re-unlock characters would be discouraged since the Mortician is a hard to fight boss mode that tears things up while standing on top of the skull you need.


2. He could be accessed in single player too, by the usage of meat effigies in the mid-late game stages. In MP he throws items at each player. Each player gets about 2 items thrown at them per 10 seconds or so, and this attack pattern would be equally effective in single player. His berserk mode would keep players from piling on him, which a single player couldn't do.


3. He is a spooky element.


4. He gives a reason for the existence of the graveyards. ( A friend suggested that it would be neat if he sometimes hung about near the edge of the fire when camping in the graveyard )


5. We don't see the Screecher spirit go to waste.



Now obviously this is a rough idea. I mostly just wanted to get my foot in the door with a death mechanic that was fun while not being exploitable. After fighting him once, you aren't going to want to do it again to farm drops. He wouldn't be part of "Them", just another one of "Their" creatures. I really want creatures that can be hard and fun in both SP and MP equally. Even if this idea fails, I am mostly aiming at giving some inspiration towards what might be great for MP/SP both.

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That animated short, "Backwater Gospel" suddenly comes to mind. 


I saw that too. I didn't think about that guy much while doing this, because he wasn't the personality I was trying to catch. That undertaker was stalker-ish and meant impending doom, while never doing anything other than watching.


I felt you could give him a hug and he would just ignore you. I am not sure why the whole dark angel powers existed when he wasn't a threat himself. I actually missed the last jump scare because I thought the video was over. I loved the art style though.

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1. You can make a portal in a single player world, which teles that character into a MP game. You can't keep items or learnings, just like adventure mode. Dying in MP kicks you back into your single player word, which you must then reconstruct the portal with cheap resources.

I like this idea. In fact there are a real portal way to MP on their last puzzle

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This complicated stuff... I was thinking that it would be cool to be able to craft/find Wilson's door is single player and once you enter it you have the opportunity to join a multiplayer world or make one of your own. And instead of dead people being revived which would be other chatlracaters, they would all just come from different worlds to one world.

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