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  1. My mind is always kinda "Why not both?" The poll should has an option Both
  2. Since they use the word "balance", I think they are going to add PvP element. For me the game don't need to kill each other in order to be fun. Co-op would be better and more...pacific lol. You know: In co-op, we together with friends help each other to survival and escape the island. In PvP, we kill other to survival, the game will become a real mess. Both? May be but PvP still is a real mess, is it supposed to be a RPG-like game?
  3. Because some people are conservative, may be? Remember my old topic about multiplayer, there was not much people support it. I think they were afraid "the road map" of developers must be static. But it's actually dynamic. It's adaptable indeed.
  4. The idea is little weird but I like it. Everything could happen. If it is fun and doesn't against the game's core, add it.
  5. I know most of people will love for multiplayer mode, except some people who are too conservative to see what actually good is. This won't ruin the game, it just make the game become more variant. User will have more option to enjoy: you love play alone, you stick to single player, you love more fun with other people, you stick to multi player. For me, I love both!
  6. So my prediction is true. Klei is a great studio that know what should do with their products. You can't expect the game is multi-player mode since their philosophy is survival single-player, but who know in the future? If it has full factor for a great, fun multiplayer game, it would become as it should be. Hi-five to anyone expect this great news!
  7. Yes you are justifiable from the point of view of the people who use common sense. But for me I don't always use common sense if not almost none. I tend to follow the EULA, readme, help book, the instruction,a documentary, what the book written... If none of them show that deerclops must be the first one attack player, I won't think it's a bug. Well I prefer theory than practical. Are there any code that he must attack player?
  8. You can't use the personal experience to find the fact. Example mine is seem very difference, I discover his behaviour from early version. Why don't we reserve the common sense that his aggro is a bug?
  9. That's why I said assume ignore the code. Player can't know what suppose to be so they can consider it's normal, not a bug. I don't find any reason that we must think it's a bug, it's like prejudice. Anyway the fact that I can test on older version, like which one has deerclop's debut, but the debug console wasn't allow to use yet.
  10. May be. But the devs never ever said that what is his behaviour, no instruction either. Assume we ignore the code, we can consider these is his behaviour.
  11. I thouhgt it's 5 radius, is it? It doen't relative if it's a bug or not. The command Simplex gave is just point out Deerclop won't aggro and only destroy 2 things, it didn't clarify it's a bug.You must make sure that A is an true statement about Deerclops's behaviour, so you can claim that ┬ČA(negative of A) is a bug. But at this moment we still haven't known what is real A. Since I haven't experience on lua I can't say nothing for sure which code return to actually deerclop's behavior. But I did some test on an old version of the game(The end of the beginning, of course it's an illegal way) and those weird behavior said are actually deerclops's behavior. Most of people just had misconception about him. I have to used the skip day command because the basehassler command didn't work on old version. It's possible that the developers update some new code which cause the bug so I already took a look on the difference between 2 files. It's seem nothing relative changes cause the bug. But good to hear an expert about lua say something. You can see the difference here:
  12. I've just tested with debug console. He really is a aggro one. May be it's actually a bug or just my misconceptions. It doesn't affect my dummy sign trick however.
  13. Did you mean bug report? I don't think it's a bug until we check all deerclop code. Whenever deerclop appear and smash things, people thought it's aggressive and attack him first, make him fight back. He just smash structures nearest him then just wandround until you aggro him. And sign is cheap to let out his anger. I discovered this from early versions, not recently so nothing for sure that it's a bug.
  14. Except you want his eyeball take a fight with him is unecessary. Build some pair of sign around your base if you don't wanna mess with him and you will see how it work. He only smash 2 structure which nearest him then wander around and dissapear after winter ends.
  15. So the cave are completely done in this update, I assume the last update will has new character.