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How does Wilson use the Prestihatitator? :P

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Prestihatitator?  I never understood where the Praecantor name came from..

Praecantor? That's the name of a slideshow thing involving William Carter!


The Prestihatitator is the newest research machine that is a halfway between the Alchemy Engine and the Shadow Manipulator.




I guess he puts the stuff in the hat and pulls the lever?

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Why the Prestihatitator amplifies the latent ambient magical properties of a top hat of course. Ever see what happens when you put a top hat onto a snowman? Comes to life. Now imagine what would happen to said snowman should 10,000 watts of pure, unrefined, unadulterated, magical energy was coursing through said hat when placed upon said snowman? You guessed it: it'd melt. Magically.



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