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Siempre me gusta empezar el juego para disfrutar de la intro. sería genial para hacer eso, ya que el vídeo no es demasiado pesado para publicarlo. suponer para dar más sentido al juego y explicar cómo llegamos a ese lugar.


No creo que el video que muy pesado para no poner si lo hacen yo estaría muy agradecido.

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For everyone else Bing translation. 



I always like to start the game to enjoy the intro. would be great to do that, since the video is not too heavy to post. pose to give more meaning to the game and explain how we got there.


I do not think the video not to put too heavy if they do I would be very grateful.


Creo que sería una idea increíble en modo aventura. Aparte de eso, yo no lo creo. (Traducido con Google Translate.)



I think it would be an amazing idea on adventure mode. Other then that I don't think so. (Translated with Google Translate. )

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I think it would be a good idea to have it implemented under credits or something of the sort along with other videos/puzzles.


It would also add a lot to the game if the first world made with Wilson had the video play.

And the first time adventure mode was completed, maybe Maxwell's last play/book abduction video could play and puzzle pictures would be unlocked or something.


It wouldn't mean a lot to veteran players, but new players coming in to the game could get the jest of things easier.

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