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Where and what to build for a summer base?

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1) Try to build it far from non-renewable ressources that can burn (e.g. reeds, although you can get lucky and pick some in tumbleweeds).

2) Try to build it near beefalos: You can shave them often and use their wool and manure to fuel your ice flingomatics instead of chopping wood all summer.

3) Build your stuff around an ice fling-o-matic. Don't forget to turn it off before lighting a fire at night.

4) Try to spread out what you build to avoid all of your base burning up at the same time if something goes wrong. For example, split your drying racks in smaller groups so you don't lose them all at the same time. Don't be afraid to build more than 1 ice flingomatic. I have 3 of them in my 4-season-camp and 1 more a bit further away to protect my spider dens.

5) Build an endothermal firepit, but a normal firepit could also be useful if you are planning on cooking stuff.

6) Use thermal stone (cool it in icebox or near endo fire during night) + summer frest (or icecube if you prefer, but I personnally hate to get slowed down).

7) Don't forget essential stuff like crockpot. If you can, try to build the fire resistant chest!

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Trying to set up a second base but this one that focuses on summer season.


Any suggestions?

Hello! Yes, I have plenty of suggestions!

1)Go in a desert! Rocks never burn, and cacti are not too close to each other so it will prevent spreading fires!

2)Find a place near goats, but not too close to them! Like this, you will have milk and they won't attack you if overcharged!

3)Build an endothermic fire pit! It's the pillar of your base!

4)Build ice boxes near it to store your ice, ice cube and thermal stone!

5)Build an ice flingomatic! Try to make all of your base inside its range!

6)Build farms! Meat is not easy to find in desert (except goats ofc) and you can make ice creams and melon sicles with your farms!

7)Enjoy your summer! It shouldn't be so hard as long as you play safe!

I'll add a screenshot of my own summer base. I'll edit this post.


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Try to make your summer base serve another purpose as well if at all possible - a touchstone camp, Sinkhole camp, or a wormhole escape route.  As NDM said, it's good to set up near savanna, and I do agree with Gallo that deserts are also good summer camps, both for the activites, and also because there is quite often a touchstone in the desert.


As for setup, I'll depart a bit from the previous advisers - I build 1 flingomatic, and all I put in it's range are farms, grass, and saplings.  Make sure the farms are not in flammable range of anything else.  Plant the grass and saplings in small clumps, separated, so you can't lose them all in  a fire.  You can also build a few chests in flinger range.  Stuff you don't use a lot, or flammable stuff.    Try not to place anything close to rabbit holes, as last I knew there was a potential bug where rabbit holes can start on fire, and you can't extinguish them.  Similarly, there was a bug where growing crops could catch fire and you can't extinguish them.  If those bugs have been quashed you may be safer grouping the farms closer to other stuff.  But I wouldn't risk it. 


Build a normal pit, and endofire pit, out of range of the flinger.  Normal pit is in case you want to just straight-up cook things (seeds, leafy meat) and also allows this base to serve as a backup in winter, just in case.   Around you fire pits, build only ice boxes, lightning rod, crock pot, and 2-3 chests.  All these things should be visible within the firelight at night, so if they start smoldering you can put them out.   If you arrange it just right, you can even get your crock pot and a chest or two within range of flinger, still visible in firelight, but the fire itself out of flinger range.   Anything you build outside flinger range should no be within burning range of any other flammable. 


The last time I had a chest burn, I found that the things inside were only ejected after the fire went out, so as long as nothing else around is on fire, anything in the chest that is flammable will survive, because they're ejected when the fire goes out.  That was awhile ago though, so Klei may or may not have changed it.  In any case, I try to keep only non-flammable items in the chests that are not in flinger range. 


My last game I was lucky and got a desert by a savanna, so I had easy access to both beefalo, and the desert activites (tumbleweed/hound farming, mining rocks).  Very easy to stay busy all summer in that setup.  Make sure to keep blowdart and other dragonfly fighting gear in easy reach.


I also build a small pig village (I play maxwell so I use pigs a lot as muscle, and wood choppers) a forest, drying racks, etc.   I build the pig houses out of fire range of each other, the drying rack in groups of three or so.   All these things, I mostly build fairly far from my base, so they're unlikely to smolder at night.  When in their vicinity it's almost always daytime, and I always carry rot or (preferably) an ice staff, so I can catch and extinguish things quick.  There's really no need to protect every single thing with flingers, except things that you spend tons of time around like farms, grass, and your crockpot and chests.  


I even typically don't protect but a few berry bushes - I just have a huge plantation where they're all out of fire range of each other, at the start of summer before everything withers I harvest them all.  That huge amount of berries lasts a good portion of summer.  Then don't visit the plantation the rest of the summer.  I usually do a lot of farming in summer, to get melons (As Maxwell the sanity drain means nothing, so they're a non-slowing fast spoiling ice hat for him) and in the course of that farming end up with enough vegetables to replace berries, more or less.   Cooked vegetables also don't heat you.  Another good reason for the summer base to be near beefalos.


After all the tumbleweed farming, it's usually kind of fun to roll back into pig city at the start of autumn with a chester full of junk for the king.

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