Giant questions (roleplay)


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Race: Shadow Beetle

Biography: The product of a failed expirement to create a small creature that could scout out new resources, Oxryklne is the first and last shadow beetle. After his creator died, he wandered off into the wilderness, living off of small carrion and the like. Due to his small size, he is mostly ignored by the Island's inhabitants untill it is too late.

Abilities: Oxryklne can manipulate shadows to some degree, and can also use small wings to fly short distances. His strong shell makes him resilient for a beetle, but still can be injured very easily. He speaks through telekinesis.

Appearance: Has a black, slimy-looking shell with red eyes. Skin is dark purple and partially transparent. About the size of a bottlecap.


(I know they're still in EoS.  Deal with it.)

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Race: ?

Age: ?

Gender: Male

Powers: Extreme agility and jaw strength

Backstory: Revealed as the roleplay goes on

Appearance: As tall as a catcoon, with 2 large glowing eyes and baggy brown pants. Black fur and 3 claws on the end of each limb


(Yes, he's already in Carnatis Inviktus but Battal's is in Eater Of Souls so whatever)

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(Possible double post and possible wall of text INCOMING. I'll let her drop in at a good time)

Name: Ayasha

Age: Eternally young, exact age is not known but (obviously) looks young

Gender: Female

Personality: usually Kind, but gets angry easily. is always honest and cannot tell a lie, even if its for her friends.

Abilities/Powers/whatever: Two forms, Red Hound and Wolf.  Red Hound form catches on fire (on her back) if she gets angry enough or sometimes it happens randomly.The wolf form can walk on two legs, but runs faster on all fours anyways. She has sharp claws and teeth in this form, and can run pretty fast, and is pretty agile too. but that is pretty much all they can do in this form. She can run for a long time, though. She cannot change forms at will usually. (It is very rare and she must almost always be focused to the max)


The following events cause a form change:

Full moon: Changes to the opposite form, and makes her feral for a few hours.

Mood: Anger can cause red hound form, being calm will turn her into wolf form.

Time of day: Turns into wolf as soon as night starts, if already at wolf form, becomes Red Hound form and sometimes goes feral for a minute or two.


Appearance: In Red hound form, she looks like any other red hound. In Wolf Form, she has mostly grey-ish fur with white fur on her ears and tail. You already know they have sharp teeth and claws. They are about 5 feet tall in wolf form when standing on two legs.

Backstory: Generally what you would expect, cursed and tricked by maxwell.

Notes: In Red Hound form, cannot speak english at all. Can most of the time speak english in Wolf form but not always. (It happens kinda rarely though)

When not speaking english, it sounds like barks/howls/whatever and stuff like that.

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