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Set pieces with Giants!


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  1. 1. Should giants be in set pieces too or just spawn at the end of the seasons?

    • Would be great also with set pieces
    • Don't really like the idea

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I thought may be in the game we could not only have the giants spawn near us at the end of the seasons but also have set pieces where the giants would sleep, and if we approach too close they would wake up (All thought I think I already mentioned this idea somewhere else). I'd be really awesome and really give a challenge to the game, right? Now I think I already made a topic about that somewhere, but it all went dead, so I'm thinking this thread is better for its discussion (If a dev or a mod finds the old thread, can delete it, for all I care).


so what do you think?

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I would prefer if the giants spawned somewhere in the world, and started wandering(maybe even avoiding the player), and then suddenly on some random timing they would go after the player(which would trigger the Giant aproaching sound)

but unless they changed it, things don't update if they're more than a screen or two off-screen.

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