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  2. Veeeeery close. I was like,"hmmm, I guess..." BOOOOM!! My base DDD,:
  3. I was in my base, and I didnt know what the old bell did, so I decided I'd give it a ring...
  4. Maybe you could find an old broken raft on the shore and have to repair it to take you to an island with a jungle biome and it would be similar to the way caves are instanced
  5. Just a doodle I made while I was thinking of Don't StarveWinslow - The punk rockerStarts with an Electric GuitarElectric guitar- has the same effects of the one man band but drains less sanity and it's durability can be restored using charged lighting rod(starts at 0, 33% restored per lighting rod). If he has more than 5 followers he slowly gains sanity. Can be used as a weapon, but uses durability(same damage as walking cane)What do you guys think?