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The stories dedicated to Don't Starve.

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    Dear Sir/Madam.

    First of all, It's a great honour and pleasure to be a fan of yours. Though, I am quite afraid of being misunderstood I still hope that  I will explain everyting I want to say correctly enough.

    I have found Don't Starve as not only a fascinating game, but also as a wonderful book as well. That is why I have recently come up with a bit strange idea I would like to share with you, dear Clei Entertainment. I believe that you have not fallen asleep from the begininng of the letter. The main plot of the idea is to write a book of an average size about you creation. It will probably include the biography of the characters especially connected with William Carter ( and only then Maxwell ). My question is quite simple but too brush: would it be so difficult for you to give me a permission to contact with you and to write some stories about your own game I adore plaing so much?

   If you have got interested in my message, please, report me. I do not expect you to say:"Yes, start writing".Anyway I am already glad writing to you.

   WelI am actually expected to write a fanfic. But I have to admit that I would insist on writng a real book which could possibly be published by Klei Entertainment. It would be great! Howerer, it will be a fanfic for because the whole book is my own view of Don't Starve and I'm also a beginner in writting. Anyway, I would like you to inform me of some questions as quick as possible: 1) where I can post the chapters of this bad, silly, naughty, dummy book? ( I suffer from lack of self-confidence ) 2) There are two versios of writing: a novel, just a chain of actions and some funny and unexpected moments or a list of notes from an unreal character( I will explain it a bit later, its a secret ). Which version would you like to see ? I thought about writing an encyclopedia but I have to refuse because it will sound like a guide to the game. I will of course mention some amazing things and inventions, for instance, prestihatitaor or Codex Umbra but I will not explain how to make butter from butterfly . The history of characters - that is what I am attracted. I was asked to write a story line starting from Wilson. I will do it may be but in a bit different way. You will see, than come to me, hit me hard enough to break my spine and burn out with this fanfic for the story I will write. I am looking forward to hearing from you. Do not forget to think of my questions please and if you have some questions or useful infromation or something you definetly would like to see in novel/notes please tell me! Have a good day!

P.S. The novel will be called "Bad not long stories short". (Yes, I am dumb sometimes, but my mates call it "creativity" О___О). 
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