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What do you think about Wigfrid?

What do you think about Wigfrid?  

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  1. 1. What do you think?

    • She is just fine, awesome character!
    • She is way too over powered.
    • She is too weak.
    • She is pretty good but needs some balancing.
    • I don't like her abilities at all.

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Mr_Bubblez    30

She's my fav character, I love the way she looks. I disliked the voice in the beginning but I got used to it. I also like the fact that her own spear is as strong as Tentacle Spikes? Not sure about that, but I like how I don't have to waste time killing Tentacles with her.

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Att3r0    0

I like her alot - you want to be aggresive from day one, opposite what i do usually. Her drawback is no hunger as meat recipes are most efficient eitherway (shame dragonfruits go to waste) but sanity as you can't eat the easy to get taffy/green caps. Her passive comes in help with that but i'm yet to see if it is enough for caves (probably not)


Compared to wolfgang - yes i like her more for said reason and i'm not fan of transformation - stop to eat , stop to transform - not something you want to do when fighting.


Balance : most characters can seem op when played to their strenghts but she can probably take some tweaks and still be fine .

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Sporb    1009

Keep in mind Wigfrid NEEDS to fight in order to survive.So health bonus makes perfect sence, since playing Wigfrid you will get damaged a lot more than any other characters, who can just opt for farming and pick up their fights when it suits them.

Well, yes, but Wigfrid already has abilities to deal with damage taken in combat. She can easily craft a more advanced football helmet, and she has built in armor. Add gaining health from killing things on top of that, and it may be a little too much. I mean, I spend practically all my time as Wigfrid with full health and I can practically ignore this stat entirely.

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