Straw roll suggestion

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Just a quick suggestion, but can we give the straw roll a durability or permanency like the razor?

However, to balance this increase the amount of straw needed as well as the rope?

I just thought it was weird seeing what is essentially a mattress break apart after one use.

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I think the straw roll is going to be revamped anyway in the coming weeks, as currently its way too powerful. That said, I wouldn't mind seeing it become a standard structure. It would have to be built within a certain distance of a fire pit, but otherwise would function like it does now with the caveat the fire pit must be lit to use it (even if its just a small fire). This makes it have the same usefulness, but without the current broken aspects. It's quite easy to just take 40 straw, 10 rope and never make a single fire while you explore the world.

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