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  1. Yeah, I know about my GPU, but seeing as how it still meets the requirements of the game this really shouldn't be happening. Though I will admit when I checked my settings the screen refresh rate is still stuck on 59.
  2. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Graphics] Platform Steam Version Number - Issue title Crafting tool tip always on top? Steps to reproduce *Note*: For this particular one I am not sure how to reproduce it. Could potentially be a one off scenario. 1. Go to craftable items. 2. Immediately left click to created an item. 3. Attempt to scroll to other items and realize the tool tip for the item you had created won't budge and remains always on top. Describe your issue I was cycling through my craftable items I looked at the rope before trying to get to wooden planks. Although in my impaitence I prematurely clicked to create some rope instead. It wasn't such a big problem so I tried to scroll down to the item I wanted, but then saw that the tool tip would not go away for the first item on the craftable list. This continues for all other item lists as well.
  3. A screenshot is hard since they flicker at around half a second, but I do have some recording of it through a bandicam. Also I am not really sure if its really tearing per say its like the textures just suddenly want to crumple up or something. As for system specs: M860TU Clevo Intel Core 2 Duo T9600: 2.80 GHz 3gm of ram Nvidia Geforce GTX 260M 500 GB HDD
  4. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Gameplay] Platform Steam Version Number - Issue title Items bounce to the outside of the land mass. Steps to reproduce 1. Pick berries until a Gobbler appears. 2. Chase Gobbler to the edge of the island. 3. Corner him and kill him. 4. Watch one of the items dropped bounce outside your reach forever. Describe your issue After the recent update with the textures and over all quality of the game. I did my usual thing and chased a gobbler to the edge of the island where upon killing him his remains, his tasty tasty remains scattered from my feet out towards the ocean and remained out of my reach permanently. This should probably be fixed or at least have the items disappear into the water.
  5. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Graphics] Platform Steam Version Number - Issue title Random Graphical tearing during gameplay Steps to reproduce *Note* This bug happens on random, although there are ways to increase the chances. The following are just guides to trying to reproduce this bug. 1. Go to a heavily forested area and run around causing as many object passing on your screen as possible. 2. Multiple enemies and the moving landscape can sometimes cause this graphic tears. 3. Otherwise happens on random. Describe your issue Whenever I am running around I tend to see these sudden jarring texture stretch and tears. It isn't permanent or that problematic. However, this must not exist on the final product that would make it incredibly lacking in polish for a game as great as this.
  6. So far in my save where I have survived for 49 days straight thus far. I have 4 bee boxes and usually when the bees are out collecting pollen to make to honey, I always end up with at least 1 - 2 bees per box during midday. Though this is also probably due to the relative proximity of my man made flower field. which is right at the door step of the bee boxes. Still I would say a smoke machine/ handheld item would be nice for a farm. Since the bee keeper hat helps with the natural bee hives when you are cracking them open and otherwise as well. Still there are occasions where I completely mess up and I have 16 angry bee's after me it is quite distressing to say the least. Of course, these are all, but ideas. These don't have have to happen, but it would be nice.
  7. Well, yeah although I sorta use the bee keeper hat when I take out the natural hives. I was hoping the smoke machine would help with making the farm less costly to maintain as opposed to losing spider webs that you can only really get from killing spiders which is potentially more risky.
  8. Here is a new structure idea I had when I made my bee farm. I know you can harvest them at night with relative safety, but sometimes you want the honey during the day instead of pushing it back an entire day. So what I am proposing is a structure that will stop the bees from attacking you while inside its effects. So the creation of this thing will take 10 stone, 1 gold nugget, and 4 grass. It will basically look like a tea kettle on the ground that slowly and steady puff out almost transparent smoke. Its range should be similar to that of a campfire with 2 logs added to it. It will take 2 grass to operate and will last slightly shorter than a campfire with 1 log as fuel. What do you think guys? Any good or not really all that interesting?
  9. Just a quick suggestion, but can we give the straw roll a durability or permanency like the razor? However, to balance this increase the amount of straw needed as well as the rope? I just thought it was weird seeing what is essentially a mattress break apart after one use.
  10. Bug Submission Please choose a category [sound] Platform Steam Version Number - Issue title Bees buzzing when inside the chest Steps to reproduce 1. Craft Bug Net 2. Find a Bees Nest 3. Capture a live bee 4. Place in chest 5. Wait one night 6. Hear buzzing next morning *Note*: When moved around in the chest the buzzing will stop until later where it will start up again. Describe your issue I had perhaps 2 bees kept within my chest for use later. Later down the line I started hearing buzzing near my permanent camp. I searched the entire area for the bee to shut it up, but realized it was my chest that was buzzing like heck. Is this a game play feature or a bug?
  11. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Gameplay] Platform Steam Version Number - Issue title Backpack Item stacking issue Steps to reproduce 1. Acquire backpack 2. Put 1 of any abundant material into any slot in the backpack. 3. Collect the same abundant material. 4. Observe how it delegates the same material into the empty slots in your tool bar instead of the backpack when there is a pre-existing stack in the backpack. 5. Only when the toolbar is filled does it delegate the abundant material to the stack in the backpack. *note* when replicating this try this with grass, twigs, or even flowers as they are the most readily available. Describe your issue When I am trekking out in the wild and collecting lots of items with a backpack on why do the same items I have placed in the backpack not stack on pick up? Why does it clot up the toolbar completely before finally delegating it to the backpack? E.g. I placed 2 things of twigs in my backpack and continued to pick up twigs, but realized it was dropping those into the toolbar slots instead of the tiny stack in my backpack. Why is this? Why is it only when the toolbar is out of slots does it start stacking materials into the backpack?