"It wouldn't fit in my pocket."

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So, I noticed the quote that appears when one clicks on a boulder without a pick. It says "It wouldn't fit in my pocket." I think it would be pretty awesome if by using the magic in the game, it could be possible to actually make the quote untrue. This would be possible by making a crafting blueprint in the magic section. This blueprint would require 1 Opulent Pickaxe 8 Cut Stone and 5 Gold Nuggets. This would create the Quarry Digger. This item would require 500 research points and an Alchemy Engine nearby before crafting. The Quarry Digger can be used to instantly turn a boulder into an item called Tiny Boulder. When a player clicks on the Tiny Boulder with the right mouse button it turns the boulder into double the drops of breaking a boulder. It also has twice the chances of dropping the less often dropped stuff by boulders. Researching a Tiny Boulder would grant 25 research points. The Quarry Digger has half/the same of the durability of a regular pickaxe. I hope to see this item in the game.

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