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  1. Thank you for commenting on this You went deep into this and very much appreciate this!
  2. These are my suggestions for Experience: When you go into a tent your total experience should be added up like if you have died. This would help because alot of people kill themselves just to get experience. Experience should unlock MORE than just characters. For example it could unlock new abilities for existing characters (Willow's attacks set fire to the enemy, Wolfgang can punch down trees, Wilsion get extra research points, Wendy is more creepier.) Experience could unlock you certain recipes (You get the experience to reveal the recipe, you unlock it, you craft it.) Experience could enhance existing abilities (Wilsion's Beard grows faster, Willow's fires are brighter and last longer, Wolfgang is even tougher, and Wendy is more creepier.) And Those are my ideas for Experience. Check out my other thread for more of my ideas: http://forums.kleientertainment.com/showthread.php?3437-Completly-New-and-Original-Ideas
  3. I found 2 birds sleeping at the final part of night. Did I cause this? How do I make it happen again? Is this just a bug? (If so why is there a sleeping animation for them?)
  4. Has ANYONE see a rabbit just hopping along on the ocean O.o!?!??!?!??!? I found 2.
  5. I was surfing the web and found this: Your argument is invalid.
  6. I think you should be able to upgrade your pigs. You should be able to give them hats and armor. This would include Amulets. Also you could feed them pigskin (the cannibals) and it should increase their max defense. Just a quick suggestion. Hope you like
  7. I was wondering how do you get research points. I got 2500 Research Points in one day by digging up to graveyards. Do you guys get yours in a different way?
  8. I tried dont starve on steam and alot of stuff is different. All the biomes are mixed like little bits of different biomes were all mixed in. ( I spawned in a swamp rocky forest plains biome. ) There are no bridges. All the islands are attached together I dropped 2 mandrakes and i couldnt pick them back up. I dropped them in the middle of a plains.