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Ice Flingomatic should have "priority" list on what to target first

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Right now, the Ice Flingomatic puts out smoke, fires, and unwithers plants. Problem is, it will often go for the withered plants first before fire and smoke and things end up being set on fire before the Flinomatic targets the right thing.


I suggest it should prioritize and target things in this order, from most critical to least. 


1. Structures/Plants on fire (Exclude campfires/Endothermics)

2. Structures/Plants smoking

3. Withered plants


That way you don't have to stare at that burning tree next to your base while it takes its sweet time fixing the withered berry bush.

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Maybe if it had a automatic smoke detector effect.  Just activates and puts out what's smoking in a small area.  Or that could be an upgrade you could add to the machine. This whole burning control thing seem like it has way too micromanagement and randomness in it now.

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Yeah definitely. I tensed up so bad when I turned on my Flingomactic so it can stop a drying rack from getting set on fire and it first put out my endothermic fire, then it threw a snowball at nothing...and then decided to put the smoke on my drying rack out. I'm not even taking chances with trees, the instant I see one smoking I just go and chop it and it stops the smoking. But yes, the priority on the Flingomactic needs some tweaking.

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