you guys should really illustrate its a survival game

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i saw the artwork/ website for this game a long while ago, i think when i bought mark of the ninja

but the "indie" graphics art style really put me off

i did not know anything about the game from the artstyle, and im just giving you guys feedback that you should illustrate what exactly the game is about more than you are now, because when i saw the actual gameplay i was hooked! so, get on that.

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[...] but the "indie" graphics art style really put me off

I'm curious as to what "indie graphics" mean to you. I would say this game (along with Mark of the Ninja and Shank) has one of the most elaborate and pretty 2D graphics I've seen in a long time. They have a top-notch ilustrator and it doesn't look "indie" at all. But then again, "indie" loosed all meaning when the mere word becaume mainstream. It became a genre instead of a philosophy.

[...]i did not know anything about the game from the artstyle [...]

What immediately poppep into my mind when I first saw the game was "Tim Burton". Dark atmosphear, yet humorous. Permadeath was almost implied just by the art only. And the game delivered.

You then have more obvious things, like an inventory, which means you have to pick up stuff. You then have tabs with icons on one side, which suggest interaction or a second layer of complexity that can't (or shouldn't) be shown constantly while playing. On the other side you have what looks like a clock mixed with a sun with the incription "day x" inside, so, time is important in the game. So is health and hunger, due to the obvious heart and stomach the other meters have. Health usually means combat, so there's action involved. Hunger means maintenance.

All things around, I think it comunicates in a pretty solid way Horror survival. But not "horror", as it's too cartooney to cause fear, but Dark Survival nonetheless.

But that's just me. I would personally love to read your first impresions with the GUI is you cared to expand. I'm sure the developers would find it very interesting, as they are constantly tweaking it.

PS: Welcome to the forums ;)

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I thought the game looked too Tim Burton-esque at first, a little corny. But now, I've grown to really love it. I think it's hard for anyone to do dark art in a cartoon way without being compared to Burton though.

I once heard this game described as being lovecraftish.

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