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  1. i understand you can use a torch, but with the timer on the torch's effectiveness I believe no one will actually risk dying for the minimal amount of things you can do during night maybe they could add some sort of night-time only mystical things to do? like monsters or resources that only appear at night , or maybe crafting things that can only occur during night, and only last for the duration of that night?
  2. ive played a good chunk of hours now, and ive come to the conclusion there's a huge dead-time of inactivity during night maybe it changes, maybe something occurs that hasn't occurred for me yet, but right now its just running around during the day time, then standing still and doing absolutely nothing during night time, and watching a counter tick away until it is day again this i think is the biggest flaw of the game, i don't really have a suggestion to fix it, but i would say there needs to be something there, something the player can do during this time that is useful, or keeps them actively engaged with the game
  3. this is like the list of all the things that were asked for minecraft to do they are the most boring generic suggestions to a game "can we get mounts!!" "we need coop!!" this isn't world of warcraft man, its a singleplayer survival game
  4. i think too many people demand multiplayer in games, because they need some sort of social crutch to enjoy a video game for things like minecraft, it killed the development and progress for additional content they would take months what should have taken a week to add stuff, because of the issues with multiplayer coding
  5. i saw the artwork/ website for this game a long while ago, i think when i bought mark of the ninja but the "indie" graphics art style really put me off i did not know anything about the game from the artstyle, and im just giving you guys feedback that you should illustrate what exactly the game is about more than you are now, because when i saw the actual gameplay i was hooked! so, get on that.
  6. a one month exclusivity window for 360PC release will come in time no doubt