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  1. ^ Hope so. Hope Klei makes loads of money and she considers making multiplayer a reality in this game, would be awesome.
  2. Ok, no problem, JoeW, probably a misunderstanding. Anyway, good job you all with the game, it's one of the best games I've purchased lately. The kind of games that make me believe the future of the gaming industry depends on indie developers and not on money-making large corporations (take EA as an example, ruins every company they buy).
  3. Well, companies do charge for DLCs, I never complained. Holy ****, did you forget to take your medicines? Chill, we just wanna have fun with our friends, and this game has a huge potential for this. If you don't want co-op, don't play it if it is ever released for this game.
  4. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Gameplay] Platform Steam Version Number - Issue title When you hit the space key near bees with a bugnet Steps to reproduce Get near a bee Equip a bug net hit the space key Describe your issue You attack the bee with the bug net instead of catching it, and that drops the durability of it a lot.
  5. Make a kickstarter project and I'll let some bucks slip out of my wallet.
  6. I think calling me a thief was unfair. You have the money I owed you, I'm not a thief. If the game were bad, I would have just deleted it. You guys should try thinking outside the box instead of labeling your customers. I've been giving a lot of feedbacks and suggestions, I loved the game but I think I deserve some respect since some money I had now belong to you.
  7. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Exploit] Platform Steam Version Number - Issue title Almost infinite bees with a bee mine Steps to reproduce Place a bee mine, make a Treeguard step on it. Describe your issue http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=111490213 After that, I died because I tried to catch a bee while it was sleeping, and invisible bees started to attack me. Sometimes bees get invisible.
  8. I know I've exposed myself, but I feel a little misjudged. I don't feel I stole anything, I have the legal copy of the game, I just used the pirate copy for testing. And the store page on steam doesn't have ANY information about a demo. Any. Most games have obnoxious limitations for demonstrations, like taking features off, so I don't feel really tempted to download a demo. I don't think considering me a thief is really fair, since my intentions were never stealing. If I played at a friend's house, who had a legal copy, I would be playing the game without having bought it, I wouldn't have the demo's limitation and I would still be playing without spending a single cent. I consider myself really honest, but piracy is a reality and there's no turning back. As people said, developers who adapt to it like CD Projekt and Double Fine usually are much more respected than those who fight an everlasting battle against it.
  9. This was awesome, watched all the episodes, ty for sharing XD
  10. And then I bought it after 10 minutes or so. Just a feedback so people can see making redundant layers of protection against piracy is wasting time and resources. If a guy is supposed to buy it, he will. If someone download it from TPB and never buy it, it's probably due to 3 situations: 1: He wouldn't buy it anyway because he doesn't have money 2: He doesn't like spending money in games so he wouldn't buy it anyway 3: He didn't like the game I usually don't like to buy a game without testing it, and gameplay videos contains informations I'd like to experience myself.
  11. These are my suggestions. The game feels a little limited right now, even though it's awesome. A Co-op mode would make it playable for a lifetime. Maybe a competitive mode too, "the last man standing", with human traps, poisoned crops and fights. Oh, and bows.