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Tool Freezing to hand/too hot to handle.

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I was browsing the thread and someone mentioned how rain makes tools slip out of the hand.


I thought it might be worth suggesting adding that if you are below or above a certain temperiture your tool has a chance to get stuck(Where you would be unable to remove it until you warm up.), or be too hot to handle(having a similar effect as dropping it maybe?)


The chance would have to be very low, so it could be very unexpected when it happens.



Or it could be used as another early warning sign of burning/freezing.

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hahaha that's a cool idea .... having a axe/pick stuck to your hand when a deerclops shows up would be quite hilarious. also making the tools too hot to handle would mean that players would have to escape fights more after their weapons get hot. 


the down side to this though is that you could just make 2/3 spears to bypass this, making the too hot to handle more of a gimmick than a game mechanic. 


freezing is awesome idea though. 

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