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  1. maybe extra life or winter immunity.... considering she looks like a viking.
  2. now i know why my game appeared to be tinted orange .... it was autumn
  3. i want a giant mole that protects the tiny little mole from our scruples-less attacks.
  4. my mum always told me not to stand beneath trees when its stormy.... might get struck by lightning no thanks
  5. here is my findings so far (30min of gameplay): 1 - Acorns are OP IMO, they are very good, restore allot of hunger and health when cooked in the fire, my personal forest is now an acorn tree forest, i'm assuming they will not produce acorns through all the seasons, in winter the acorn trees should be leafless (read wilson's examine comment) 2 - moles are very nice to have around you can dig up their holes for 1/2 stone very good and they are easily killed for a morsel if you are desperate. im assuming if you abuse the moles they will later spwan a mole giant (?) 3 - there are more maxwell stuff around thats for sure, found 3/4 new biomes, no gears though, only marble statues/pilars and evil flowers. 4 - frog pond placement seems to have changed too, they now spawn less in the immediate area, so you are less likely to have 5-8 ponds next to each other like you used to. on my world i found 2 separate ponds both in different biomes away from each-other, much better. also i noticed that each pond is capable of spawning more frogs i swear i saw 4/5 frogs near a pond but did not have a good look because then was night and they dove in the water. 5 - yes water/wetness mechanic got to number 8 nothing happened. not sure whats the deal with that, saw new raincoat too dunno whats it for 6 - endothermic fires .... built one looked cool dunno whats for... the description is a bit confusing :S 7 - Saw a buzzard tried to attack it but it took off, then saw the shadow on the ground that was cool! 8 - mini glaciers, yes glaciers .... puddles that freeze and you can mine them, got an ice clump out of one dunno whats it for.
  6. ok, thanks for the advice guys. i will try those techniques. but what if you far away from everything, do you just have to continue running ?
  7. hello ladies and gents. i am in need of help! i stopped playing the game briefly after the spoilage update and now i have come back to see the development status. all this insanity stuff and winter and kaeolophants and kitting pigs !! i used to before get comfortably into day 60-80 and even then i would only die because i would get bored of life and do crazy stuff. but now its a completely different story ..... i have had a few play through and here is how they went....1- so i started like i would normally do scout around by day 4 i decided to settle between beefalo and stones, but there was a spider den nearby, i put my trusty axe to the work and bam! warior spider comes at me and im gone *dead*2- so i learn and now i avoid spiders until i have spear, comes day 6 im out exploring just killed spider den, 2 hounds come at me i am about 75% hp i only have spear to defend my self, put down meat and the hounds ignore straight for me, i put up a fight killed 1 got 1 or 2 hits on the second one but he got me *dead*3-so i learn, must have log-suit and spear by day 6, and so i do, this time i face the 2 hounds no problem, i set up little base, got 3 turbo farms going, all the research buildings, crok pot, come day 11 more hounds this time 5 of them vs 1 of me, i got spear ,armour plus full hp, i figh, i hit i kite, they chomp they bite, conclussion me *dead* only managed to kill 3. 4-so i learn , must have a better strategy. come day 10, 4 hounds come at me, kited and dodged and attacked, my trusty spear and Armour hold true i win. so i think ok now hounds wont come until day 18ish, wrong .... they come at me day 15, 6 of them this time i try to outwit them by sacrificing my perfect little pine wood that i had planted, 2/3 burned, i try to get some fire damage on them, but i only managed to take down 1 to the fires but now my HP is down to 50%ish there is now way i am gonna win, but i am not gonna go down without a fight, but im *dead* in the end.5- so i learn, must have spear, armour and football helmet, i sail though the first 8 days, had little problem with day 6 hounds, but i prevailed, still need pig skin for helmet, managed to find 3 pig houses in the woods, go after the pigs, the kite me , i am down on HP, i panic, i run, soon its gonna be night..... oh-ho its full moon, now i have 3 werepigs after me. *dead* i need some advice guys how do i face the threat that are the hounds now ? they are so much powerful, they don't get distracted by meat no more as-well. i want to get to winter and freeze to death .... but i haven't even managed to get past half of the summer. insanity too, i am always at 190-200 insanity, just by picking flowers up, wearing flower circlet and eating rabbit morsels, is this right ? do you ever loose sanity ? even when i went in the wormhole and back i was able to get my sanity back in 2/3 days .....
  8. dunno if you guys noticed but theres a "bar" on the food icon. most foods in the video appear to be green but the food the char eats its yelow bar (look at the backround of the food icon, its like a fill up bar)
  9. this might just be a pre-update that adds files and stuff we cant see in game. or it could be the real patch but not be active yet. i think you can do that with steam.
  10. i think insanity and new research system and food spoilage will radically change the way we survive. let alone when winter comes, that will trough a spanner in the works.
  11. well this farming business is going to change with food spoilage, when its no longer viable to store food for long periods of time you might as well feed the surplus crops to the birds, then there's a chance of extra seeds (which i am assuming wont go off when uncooked) store the seeds and grow as needed, then because you are constantly feeding extra crops to birds you will have a very good selection of seeds therefore more selective crops. also using more foods to process into recipes etc (with crook pot or other new methods) will be worth it in the end because processed foods i am assuming will last longer and have more food value.
  12. yeah get a meat effigy and you problems are solved (under the magic tab)