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  1. Go to your steam library. Right click on Don't Starve. Properties. Local Files. Verify integrity of game cache. Please be aware this is a BETA, and does not reflect the final product, and may have bugs and crashes. When the game is out of beta, they won't be there. You paid for early access, and you got it. They are not going to refund you because you are annoyed about it crashing. That is what happens when you participate in a beta. If you want a crash fixed, tell them about it in the bug forum.
  2. Calm down everyone, you can lead a beefalo to water but you can't force it to drink.
  3. No, we need to think more about this update. Think, what do we know, and how could it relate to beeps.
  4. No, there is definitely a fast beeping behind the crickets. This puzzle doesn't seem to be over yet. I should note, it occurs twice for only a few moments.
  5. I dare someone to play as Wes. Oh no, this isn't normal Wes. ROG Wes. Oh no this isn't normal ROG Wes. No Glommer ROG Wes.
  6. Might be, I didn't pay attention too much to the number.
  7. Yeah, from what I read they're going to go down it it like a list, and just chose a cut off point and say 'these are the testers for this round'. Each round they do that, until everyone who applied has it. Let me just say, there was over 8k applications.
  8. If you get no joy from it, it is fine to decide to quit. I wish you the best of luck in future mods.
  9. I keep my bunnies in backpacks near the fridge because as a noob I thought Kraqmpus couldn't break backpacks.
  10. I tend to use backpacks instead of chests cause when I first started the game I got attacked by my first krumpus and had been keeping them in bags, and I noticed krampus didn't A: Go straight for them and B: Gave me enough time(about 10 seconds) to actually pluck up enough noob courage to attack him. To this day, I use them to store bunnies(pre ROG) So yeah, I'm backpack dependent XD
  11. My main concern is one, and all my questions relate to it. Balancing 2 or more starvians. There are SO MANY things that work fine in survival that you would have to be aware of and change for multiplayer, like the 'death is permanent', it wouldn't really work for public servers. Also, while they keep saying they don't have all the details ironed out, I'd bet my bucks they do actually have it planned out(but are not saying to keep suspense while the ensure they have everything). As I said above, the amount of things you have to plan for each an every character instance is astonishing. If they haven't 'ironed it out' by the time they're announcing it, then I fear how badly multiplayer is going to be. So yeah, that's my thoughts on multiplayer.
  12. Anyone else notice the grin on his face keeps growing smaller and smaller?