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A Game of Chess (A Don't Starve Theory)


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I know this topic is pretty old but I like to share my thoughts about the backstory. When playing as Maxwell, his dialog with the Ancient Gaurdian suggests that whatever it once was worked with Maxwell. Since the Ancient Gaurdian plays like the clockwork rook, that tells me that we should look at the backstory as a game of chess.


In chess, each player has 8 pawns (the playable characters; excluding Maxwell) 2 rooks, (Ancient Gaurdian/???) that move strait, 2 knight that move in a L, 2 Bishops (I beleive one of them is the deerclops) that moves only diagonally or in its' color (color as in season), a queen (Charlie) that can move in any direction, and a King (maxwell). I bet the William Carter Puzzles along with filling in the blanks will tell us who else was involved with Maxwell.


I bet Bishop 1 is the Deerclops who was George T. Witherstone or his thug because Maxwell stated that even he was scard of him. I bet when Maxwell started to get famous, Mr. Witherstone or his thug found out about his true idenity and decided to blackmail him. So to keep Mr.Witherston silent, Maxwell shared his knowledge with him because looking at the third puzzle, He owed him a large sum of money and if that information got out, Maxwell would probably be on the run from the law


I want to explain further but I want to know what you guys think.

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This game is far deeper than just the game itself, back lore, and mystery....and the fact that they don't just come out and spell it flat out makes me feel like I'm playing even when I'm no where near my console...(which reminds me I'm about to get it on PC and see if I can learn how to mod,..plus it'll be easier to carry out of town than my console)...nice theory for sure!!..

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Anyway continuing on, The rook represents the king's castle and because maxwell had the circus poster from the fourth puzzle in his secret room from the seventh puzzle, this tells me that maxwell hidout with the circus making Arbernethy and Parker our Rooks.


I don't think Harold J. Rutherford from the fourth puzzle is involved, but his name might be work noting because dialog with Woodie about nitre says "It's how we build the railway" suggesting woodie may of work to build railroads


Also the letter in the fourth puzzle proves without a doubt that Maxwell's brother Jack is involved. I bet he's one of our knights because a knight is the king's bodyguard. Wouldn't you want to protect your family? As to what the mob is, I can't think of one that its' attacks and movements can be interpreted as a Knight except maybe the treegaurds that only attack if you try to chop down a tree but maxwell's dialog with it dosen't sound like it knew what it once was. It could also be possible that Mactusk could be the second knight because Maxwell's dialog with him states that he knows him.


and if the new dlc has a boss equal of that of the deerclops for each season, then there could be another villian (A.K.A a Second King) besides maxwell that is not them.

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"Even a king is bound to the board"


That phrase is what made this theory cross my mind.


Anyway lastly, In the forbidden knowledge trailer, Wilson got to the island by building the portal himself. So I believe when Maxwell discovered the book, he had no knowledge on how to build portal himself so that's where bishop 2  and knight 2 (An arcitech and a scientist) comes into play. Maxwell could of hired them to build a prototype of the portal based on the knowledge maxwell had. From there, bishop 2 (the latter) wanted to profit off his work or was able to learn a bit more about the world then Maxwell while knight 2 (the former) wanted to protect it. This is where the 8 characters come into play. We maybe able to gain knowledge from them just by looking at them.


It should be evident that the playable characters excluding maxwell at least knows the other peices in someway. Below will be list of how I think the non obvious ones (wolfgang/wes/wendy) are related


1. Considering that there are clockwork enemies, knight 2 may of created WX-78 by using the technology of the ancient ones as a base.


2. Lucy maybe the sister of Charlie considering Woodie is canadian. Charlie suggested in the letter she left for Maxwell that they should go to her sister's cabin in canada


3. Wilson may of lived under bishop 2 considering that he's is a scientist


4. finally, Ms. Wickerbottom may of bean the wife of knight 2 or bishop 2 because the game refered to her as ms. So Wickerbottom entered the world willingly in hopes to reunited with her lost husband.


Well that's everything. Feedback, critisisms, ect. will be appreciated

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