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NOTICE: Yes, I know it's ambitious, and I'm a total noob at this, but I'm going to try to learn this stuff myself, regardless.


In the kingdom of Lemongrab, far after the apocalypse, lies two, extremely unstable creatures. One is pudgy, schizophrenic and controlling. Most would question his position as earl. The other is malnourished, disabled and kindhearted. Sadly, quickly overpowered by it's counterpart. One night, the shadows visited each separately and presented them with the same offer: to send the other into an insane land, never to return. They both accepted.

Basic Overview:

This mod will add the two earls of Lemongrab to the game, in the state they're in after lemonwhite gets eaten the first time. In the main mod, lemonblack will be the main character (or, at least, the one you play at first) and lemonwhite will be a follower. I might add the two separately, with a lone lemonwhite being solely on the klei forums and lemonblack on the steam workshop in the future, but that's a different matter.

Lemonblack (The earl in black clothing)

Health: 247

Sanity: 70

Hunger 724

(Drains 1.7x the normal rate)

Pros: Starts with the reconditioner

Regens more health from healing items

Cons: Loses 20 sanity every time a recruit disagrees with him and 5 when he takes damage

Lemonwhite (The earl in white clothing)

Health: 50

Sanity: 274

Hunger: 50

(Drains 0.3x the normal rate)

Pros: Gains 20 sanity/regens 2/min. when others around him are in a good mood (pigs eating, beefalo with kids)

Has a speedy hoverchair (1.3x the normal speed)

Cons: Loses sanity when is brother is being too harsh, or when the innocent are harmed

The reconditioner:

The reconditioner is a necklace you can put on mobs like pigs that emits an electric shock when activated, hurting them, but adding an extra day to their loyalty. This wears down it's durability, and when it breaks you can recharge it at a charged lighting rod.



Add custom opening scene

Get the art

Add the characters and set the speed/hunger modifiers

Do the quotes


Add lemonwhite as a follower

Add idle conversations

Add the reconditioner

Add the sanity modifier


Let lemonwhite take over as an actual character when lemonblack dies

Add character-specific sanity effects

Add alternate ending

I'll maybe do it:

Give lemonblack the ability to eat lemonwhite

Add the other lemonpeople as a summon craftable with the prehisihatator

I am a noob at this, so most likely I'll be asking questions here.

And that's it.

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