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Abigail's reluctant behavior.

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Hi all. Just started playing this game last week. Cant get enough of it.


I've been playing Wendy/Abigail quite a bit and I noticed a quirk in Abigail's behavior after several days. She stops following me about 20 or so days of being out. I'd get a few screens away from my base and she refused to catch up. I backtrack to her and she just lingers back. She's not stuck on anything. She just refuses to follow.


I noticed she also looked very sad and pale (normally she's kind of yellow). I know she looks like this after a hard fight, but we hadn't been in one for a while.  Curiously, I clicked on her and bopped her on the head with my axe and she popped instantly. Usually it says EXAMINE.


Her flower was ready again the next day instead of the usual 3-4.


Perhaps even Abigail needs a rest?

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