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  1. Another possibility is that they will provide more animations for the current picture, such as the figure emerging from the portal. EDIT: Then again, they could just use the same tally marks for that.
  2. Almost looks like there's a tiny white tick-mark at the bottom of the image (along with some mist from the machine that apparently escaped the frame). Think that mark is there intentionally?
  3. So I was right that there was a constellation there. Too bad I was too lazy to check.
  4. Now that is some extensive lore puzzling.
  5. It was on the prototype page, 7 gears, 7 logs, 3 honey.
  6. Perhaps add the totals of the numbers for a single new coordinate.
  7. I was just thinking of this too.
  8. Anyone check for anything in the stars yet? Like constellations?
  9. Don't worry, I appreciate you without thinking you're the messiah.
  10. But that was a random guess, like tons of other random guesses in the thread. We don't even know if it goes anywhere, which personally I don't think it does.
  11. He's not the one that is figuring everything out.
  12. See what Klei does to us? Now we're praising newcomers as the puzzle messiahs. He just seems another user who wanted to get in on the puzzles to me, not a plant.
  13. Zoom out as far as you can go. I think there's a way to zoom out farther than what one normally can zoom out, but not sure how. ETA: That might just be another red herring though.
  14. He was responding to something I said with another example of it.