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Island Composition

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Sure, islands all have their own biomes, but there are certain patterns of compositions I've noticed. Recording them all here in case it might be helpful. I might be wrong about some of this stuff, so feel free to post a correction!

Biome: Light Forest

Island Type: Plentiful Peninsula

Description: this is where you start out! This medium-sized island is one of the few biomes where you can find naturally occuring carrots, and all resources are plentiful. There are usually no graves, and 1-2 spider nests. There are usually several rocks, lots of naturally occurring flint piles, lots of rabbit holes, and usually a beehive or two. Berry bushes, grass, twigs and trees are everywhere. A player can easily survive in this environment, although the lack of rocks, flint and gold will eventually force the player to search elsewhere for these resources.

Biome: Light Forest

Island Type: Beehaven

Description: This small island is very similar to the Plentiful island, except with more spider nests and a lot of bee nests. I've seen these islands contain anywhere from 4 - 9 beehives, so make sure to have an empty backpack while traveling there to carry back your bounty. Unfortunately, the small size and lack of many rocks means this is a nice place to visit, but you wouldn't wanna live there.

Biome: Grassland

Island Type: Home on the Range

Description: Ah, that fresh smell of MANURE! It litters the island, spread around by the large populations of Beefalo. It's a large island, with usually one side covered in Beefalo and the other side by lots and lots of rabbit holes. Grass is plentiful, but trees and saplings can only be found next to the road running through the middle of the island, and few in numbers.

Biome: Dark Forest

A Note! Dark Forests do not have any specific Island compositon as far as I can tell, but rather a number of smaller "sub-islands" that have a chance of appearing in them. A single Dark Forest contains 1-2 of any of these sub islands.

Outside of these sub-islands, Dark Forests typically have scattered graves, rocks, spider nests, and grass, while trees and saplings are plentiful. Rarely, a single pig house can be found in the woods.

Sub-Island type: Mini Home on the Range

Description: Think Home on the range, but smaller -- except it's only the Beefalo half of the island. No rabbits. Still a good source of manure, however, so perhaps a farmer could set up here.

Sub-Island type: Spiderville

Description: A large graveyard, with 5-6 spider nests in close proximity. This is not the place you want to be around dusk. In some instances, you can find gold nuggets lying around the nests and/or graves.

Sub-Island type: Pig village

Description: 3-6 Pig houses. They walk around. Do pig stuff. May contain a pig king. This is an alright place to set up a base, but not too close; you don't want to be overwhelmed on the full moon.

Sub-Island type: Mini Marsh

Description: Marshy land that may contain a few tentacles. Usually has one pond, surrounded by a few reeds. Not a great place to live, due to the tentacles, but after they're dead, a nearby fire pit allows for whiling away the night fishing. Fun!

Biome: Swamp

Island type: Marsh of Death

Description: This is an all-around bad neighborhood. Tentacles and spiders fight nightly turf wars over patches of barren swamp. Spiky trees that cannot be replanted dot the large landscape. Frogs, who steal your stuff, laze around small ponds. There are small patches of dark forest that provide most resources in the Swamp. Fish can be acquired from ponds, and reeds are scattered around. While a tough place to live, the Marsh provides lots of unique foodstuffs and resources. Keep your logsuit close and your Meat Effigy closer.

Biome: Rocky Island

Island type: Tallbird Central

Description: While sporting a small tree population in the middle, this small Island is mostly home to lots of rocks and Tallbirds, anywhere from 1-6 nests. Birds re-lay their eggs ever so often, but will chase you endlessly if you steal it in their vision! Most of the ground is unplantable, however, so this is not a great place to have a tree farm.

Island type: Mixed

Description: This little island can't make up its mind. There are patches of all other biomes pieced together. Unfortunately, the patches are too small to have any of the local flora or fauna to spawn -- except tentacles! All in all, though, it is still a rocky Island, so expect to find rocks and 1-2 Tallbird nests.

Hope it's helpful!

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Wow, really well-written and informative post! I actually struggled to find anything useful to add to it, but here goes...

Re: Plentiful Peninsula - You don't make it terribly clear that this starting Biome is the only one - other than Rocky Islands - that will have Flint just laying about the ground. Once you exhaust your starting Peninsula of its few Rocks and on-the-ground Flint, you're forced to explore in order to keep making Tools and Spears and suchlike.

Also, I don't know why, but

This is an all-around bad neighborhood. Tentacles and spiders fight nightly turf wars over patches of barren swamp.

made me giggle. Maybe it's the concept of Tha Spidahs and Teh Tentaclez being rival gangs, I dunno. Who else is picturing 3-tiered Nests spray-painted full of graffiti now?

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