The Problem with Crockpot

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There is only one simple problem to the crockpot. You have no clue which Meaty Stew is which there are 9 different types as what I saw, so unless someone is paying really close attention to what they put in and exactly how much hunger and health they get. They will be mislead into wondering why sometimes if they put 4 morsels in and get alot of hunger but then but 1 morsel and others but would get less.

Same with the Froggie Bunwhich, fruit medley and kebobs though thats only 3 options each. Maybe just implement an extra after the names like Meaty Stew(1) which would tell you which tier on the hunger filling level its on. So they still need to experiment which is which but once they discover different combinations equal different hunger levels they will know which is better for certain situations

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There is a fix coming to solve this. I don't think it's exactly worked out how it is going to change. But it will change :)

Probably something like prefixes. e.g. Bad meaty stew, good meaty stew, tasty meaty stew and so on. For all different kinds of cooked food ofcourse.

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